09 Mar 2015

Question for the mods/admin

A question about : Question for the mods/admin

Hello. title=Smile

Just a quick question to anyone in admin who can help me.

I got a couple of warnings last year (October time) after getting into spats with people, and in mid November, I had a bit of a tiff with someone, said something I shouldn't have, and got a 2 week PPR.

09 Mar 2015

A broken link

A question about : A broken link

Credit card payment trap - Money Saving Expert


see the Credit card crackdown MSE News story

The last link is moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/cheap-online-shopping-shopbots actually

The same in Credit card shake-up begins with MBNA payment overhaul
>> Credit card crackdown

09 Mar 2015

A call from 'Money Saving Expert'?

A question about : A call from 'Money Saving Expert'?

I've just had a call from someone purporting to be from Money Saving Expert telling me that if I can give them a few moments of my time, they can save me money.

Bona fide or not? I'm dubious and slightly peed off about yet another time-waster getting hold of me.

The call was from 0203 4760062

09 Mar 2015

"Search" is not working properly

A question about : "Search" is not working properly

I type something in the Search box, and press return or click Go and it tells me:


Wait 16 seconds - it shouldn't be possible.

(PS. I'm not getting rogue double clicks and I haven't used search within the last few minutes)