09 Mar 2015

A question about : Shop & Scan

As the Shop and Scan thread is getting long now and people are asking for referrals I thought it was about time for a new thread. Old thread here http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/...d.php?t=321950

Please note that registration is by invite only but you can register your interest in joining the panel here www.volunteer4panels.com

How it works

What we ask you to do
Scanning in your shopping

Every time you or anyone else in your household buys something which is brought back home, please scan.

We also ask you to provide us with an image of your till receipt whenever you make a shopping trip. The best way to do so is by scanning the receipt with a flatbed/copy scanner. If you do not have one then you can take a photo using a digital camera instead.

At the end of EACH week please remember to transmit your barcodes and upload your till receipts...

Connect the Clicker to your PC
Visit www.shopandscan.com
Click on Transmit your Barcodes
Clicker and Lead Arrow Address Bar Arrow Transmit Button
After transmitting your barcodes please also Submit your Till Receipts.

Your weekly reward points will then be added to your Reward Account on the following Monday.

What we offer in return

Reward Points

As thanks for your participation, we will enrol you in our Reward Points Programme as soon as you register with us.
We will regularly credit your account with points in exchange for your continued participation in the ShopandScan survey.
You can review you balance at any time by logging into your Reward Account.

As soon as you have enough points, you may redeem them for any vouchers from the wide selection available.

Or you can accumulate your points for even greater rewards... the choice is yours.

Membership is free for you... there are no hidden costs associated with redemption of your Reward Points.

Best answers:

  • In my mailbox today,still time to get the points
    Panel Number: *********

    Dear ***********,
    Thank you for your continued help on our ShopandScan Panel.
    It's Bonus Friday!
    If you transmit your barcodes to us by midnight tonight then you will receive an extra 200 points!
    These points will be paid on Monday, in addition to your usual weekly points. If you haven't done any shopping you can still transmit your empty clicker to receive this bonus.
    Thank you for your help with our research.
    ShopandScan Help Desk Team
  • A question.
    I got to day 5 in my food diary and forgot on day 6. Not only could I kick myself. I'd like to know, have I forfeit any chance of getting further invites?
  • i got the bonus points e mail to if i had not of got it i would have just transmitted anyway .
    thanks sarah for the new thread other one was a bit old now
  • Back in December several of us, commented on the final questions asked at the end of the 2nd week of the food diary. As I did not get the extra 3000 points last time, I decided not to fill these in this time.
    Be warned, if these are not filled in, you DO NOT get the 3000 bonus points, so the wording of 1000 points per day diary entry + 3000 bonus points for completing the diary, is very misleading and badly worded. I am currently in dispute with them over this, but am not holding my breath.
  • just had my 200 bonus points added
    I don't understand what questions you are on about at the end of the diary i have always had my 3000 bonus points making it 10,000 per week
    your right to dispute it though if you have not received them and fill everything in
  • [QUOTE=crystal9;64933213]just had my 200 bonus points added
    I don't understand what questions you are on about at the end of the diary i have always had my 3000 bonus points making it 10,000 per week
    The last 2 diaries I have done, at the end it says (can't remember the exact words), "answer the following questions and a further 3000 points will be added to your account", and you have the option to say yes or no. I and several others did this in Dec. (posts on the old thread), but never received the points, so this is pinpointing to the fact that if you do not fill these questions in, you do not get the 3000 bonus points. Before that, all the diaries I filled in paid 10,000 points in total and did not have this final question.
  • Is anyone else having problems transmitting barcodes today, despite trying on and off all day I have still not managed to transmit them. I have restarted my computer, my router and my IE browser. Every other website I have been on is working fine, this is the only one I am having problems with
    Any suggestions appreciated.
  • AKH43. I couldn't transmit my bar codes either seems to be a problem with their app because I had to force quit each time I tried and like you everything else was fine, have sent an email to let them know so hopefully won't lose my points
  • I keep transmitting my barcodes via their program (not via my browser) as I use chrome. Every time I hit transmit barcodes, it opens Chrome which tells me that the transmission has failed, however when I look at the recent activity log it suggests that the upload has been successful. Not sure which to believe?
    Also, I'm very new to S&S (only got my scanner 10 days ago) and I've had the odd mishap (forgot to scan shopper name etc first, scanned the wrong promo barcode, couldn't scan two items on my receipt as they were scratchcards I'd won on and cashed in before realising I needed to scan) will this count against me somehow?
  • Thanks for the replies. I emailed them in the end as even after I downloaded the desktop app to upload that way it still did not work, I also downloaded the drivers, still no good. When I check the activity log on the app it just shows all the attempts I made last night. I have been doing this for many years and nothing has changed with my computer. Hopefully I wont lose the points.