26 Feb 2015

Botox in Glasgow!

A question about : Botox in Glasgow!

Has anyone had Botox in a Glasgow (or Lanarkshire) Clinic? If so can you recommend or tell me about your experiences?

(Yes .... thinking about it...)

many thanks..

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26 Feb 2015

Good car boot sale in Edinburgh please?

A question about : Good car boot sale in Edinburgh please?

Hi everyone,
Could you please recommend a good car boot sale in Edinburgh? I've only been to one near Leith it was ok, but a bit quiet.
Could you recommend the good ones for buying?
Also I want to sell my own stuff, where is the best place for selling?

Thanks a lot.

26 Feb 2015

Missing Guide Dog

A question about : Missing Guide Dog

I'm putting this post here and in 'pets' board as it can apply to both.

A guide dog went missing while playing off-lead in Nairn on 23 July. Despite intensive local media coverage and police, SSPCA etc notified, it has not been found. Search is now going nationwide as dog may have been 'adopted' and taken elsewhere in UK.

Here's a link to the official 'missing poster'

Click here

26 Feb 2015

Glasgow: Non-UK Resident mortgage

A question about : Glasgow: Non-UK Resident mortgage

Hi there,

I've been living in Glasgow for the past 9 months on a 5-year ancestry visa. I'm from Singapore, but I plan to stay here for the long term and would like to get a mortgage for a small, one bedroom apartment under Ј45,000. I'm permanently employed with a good salary and have no existing loans and have never had debt. My visa is also renewable after 5 years.