09 Mar 2015

New Ayrshire facebook page for job seekers :-)

A question about : New Ayrshire facebook page for job seekers :-)

Hi, we have just started a facebook page to post local vacancies and help local people find a job in Ayrshire. There are no jobs with any financial outlay as we don't agree in posting them, mainly local vacancies for local people.

09 Mar 2015

Mortgage Broker

A question about : Mortgage Broker

I am looking for a Mortgage Advisor in Glasgow who knows about the LIFT Open Mortgage Scheme.

Can anyone recommend any?

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09 Mar 2015

Amusement arcades in Inverness

A question about : Amusement arcades in Inverness

Can anyone from the Inverness area tell me if there are still any amusement arcades left in Inverness or have they all closed? I know there was one near McDonalds but I don't know if any of them are still open.

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09 Mar 2015

Antique hunting!

A question about : Antique hunting!

My wife and I have spent 18 months scouring gumtree and eBay for older pieces or furniture for our victorian house. It can take however months to find things, as I've seen myself searching for a particular thing several times a day, week after week until I've not only found the thing but been the first person to call shotgun on it!