26 Feb 2015

Inheritance Help

A question about : Inheritance Help

I'm about to inherit c 250,000. I don't want to complain, but this is making me very anxious as I've never had much money up to now.
Could I have some feedback on the list below to see if it makes sense, or if there's anything that looks like it's a daft idea.
I can't take risks with any money as I may be around for the next 30 years going on the age all my relatives get to, plus I still have dependents at home who may go to college. I will also be in receipt of state pension in a couple of months.

26 Feb 2015

HSBC Advance Save Together

A question about : HSBC Advance Save Together

HSBC for Advance account holders have released a new product called Save Together - which Account holders have received an e-mail for today.

For those who are not going to use their ISA wrappers, I can't see how it's not a free Ј120 for tying up Ј300.

Details: https://www.hsbc.co.uk/1/PA_esf-ca-a...ther_Terms.pdf


26 Feb 2015


A question about : Cavendish

I must have missed the small (or not so small?) print, but I thought Cavendish didn't have an initial advisor fee?

I've just been charged Ј49.95 :/

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26 Feb 2015

Offshore Investment Bonds (when, why, for whom)

A question about : Offshore Investment Bonds (when, why, for whom)

I have been told by pm that it is a surprise that such a bond was advised (all those years ago) to me a non tax payer.
The sugestion is that it is only of benefit to higher rate tax payers.
An on-shore bond has some (company / corporatuion / other?) tax taken (/ used /offset) which cannot be reclaimed by a UK resident.
I am unclear why only a higher rate tax payer ? Is it not also lost to anyone who cannot reclaim it ?