22 Mar 2015

A question about : Sat/Sun 13/14 December 2014 What small DFW will you do this weekend?

When we start out on the DFW trail we do loads of big stuff that makes quite a difference to our situation. These include having our lightbulb moment, cutting up the credit cards and cancelling Sky and the gym .

But once we have done the bigger stuff, we often feel that we are not making the same amount of progress, when in fact the small steps are helping us form good financial habits and helping us get closer everyday to staying in control and becoming debt free, or staying debt free.

Examples could be hanging washing out instead of using the tumble dryer or leaving your purse/wallet at home to avoid the risk of spending.

So be proud of those small steps, they really are important

Best answers:

  • Hi EVeryone,
    Thought I would start us off.
    Been up since 4.30 a.m. so have hammered cheap rate elec. Dishwasher on and washer and dryer. I really need to hoover, but think DH will go berserk if I go in bedroom to retrieve hoover! Could be pushing it.
    Also done farm VAT, took 2 hours, but as machines were running what else could I do. Recorded Mary last night and am comforted by her choc mousse recipe as I try to fight depression of the reality check that is farm paperwork!
    Anyway, more jobs for today
    1. hoover
    2. iron
    3. keep washing, may do 2 loads full rate to clear mountain
    4. Go outside for an hour and chop dead stems off things in orchard.Monty might call it putting garden to bed!
    5. Unpack Mr T
    6. May consider having an alcohlic beverage tonight, just to check I don't like it!
    Hope everyone has a good day.
  • Good morning Maria
    Your up & at em. Good for you!
    I am off to work shortly. I will be doing 10 hours today & 8 tommorow as overtime. Just trying to gather as much in as possible before the christmas break as being self employed I have 2 weeks with no wages coming up. But I feel calm about it as I've planned for it as best I can.
    I will have to break my 2 day NSD spree as we need butter & cat food. But if I earn enough in tips today to cover those items then I will count it as NSD anyway as free money. Better get my best service face on
    Have re gifted an item for son to take to birthday party today. It's still in the wrapper after he recieved it last Christmas. Reused a birthday card by rubbing out the pencil it was written in ( we photographed all the cards & the kids writing first for memories sake) & of course reused wrapping paper.
    Husband & son should be on a NSD too as the party starts early and finishes after lunch. I don't imagine they'll do much after that.
    Anyway that's me.
    For those that were talking about veg yesterday. I'd hold off buying it just yet. Start looking now in the mark downs and see what bargains you can get. If things are on the turn you can prep & par boil root veg in advance for the freezer. I think you can even shred cabbage and freeze that (anyone??)
    Every penny's a prisoner!
    See you on the other side.
  • Ahhh just lost my post!!!!
    Morning all!
    Long day today as picking friends up from the airport tonight but they're giving me Ј100!
    Today I will:
    * post on here DONE
    * check banks DONE
    * pay money into bank DONE
    * pay off some debt DONE - Ј50 off OD and Ј20 off beds
    * park in asd@ so can get parking back DONE
    * shop to small list in asd@ using coupons so shouldn't cost much hard cash DONE - see post below if you're interested
    * keep eyes peeled for roadkill! NO LUCK - THINK BOBARELLA MUST HAVE GOT THERE FIRST
    * visit friend and deliver Xmas card DONE
    * clean fridge DONE
    * do two loads of washing DONE
    * buy meat for Xmas day
    * buy alcohol for Xmas period using deals in Mr t
    Think that's everything for today! Quick post before it disappears again!
  • Hi everyone, thanks Maria for starting us off on this lovely sunny day! Hope everyone is ok! Yesterday was a productive day, was certainly not a NSD but it did dawn on me that I don't ever have NSD! Disgusting hey! That is something I need to plan for! Always spending on something! I ticked my whole list off except for the tidy up blitz! Hopefully that one will come today! Car only cost Ј15 so I was very chuffed about that!!
    So for the weekend my list is:
    - write Christmas cards and either deliver or 2nd class post.
    - finish wrapping presents and checking the list off. (Next year I will be more in control of the money so there will be less spend spend spend and more scrimp scrimp scrimp)
    - I don't want to but check online banking and figure out where to make some extra money in a week
    - start a budget plan to include dates of payments
    - food cupboard - meal plan - run the stock down as it's ridiculous!
    - tidy blitz!
    - declutter a cupboard of unwanted stuff to organise wanted stuff
    - washing, drying and ironing (oh the joys)
    Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
  • Hi Bob
    Hope you have a great weekend earning.
    Currently done all on my days list apart from the outside stuff. Quite fancy watching an old recording of Monty before I start to get myself in the mood and check I have the right outfit on!
    Have fun. Whatever we are doing today has to be better than fighting our way round shops buying stuff no one really wants anyway!
  • Morning folks!
    Everyone seems up-'n'-at-'em this morning!
    I had a good restful sleep and the cold appears to be on its way out. OH is still in bed - think it might be a difficult day for him today. Am trying to persuade him to get uo.
    Today's mse list
  • Make bread in breadmaker
  • Bits of deep cleaning - will try to enlist OH with this. I've already cleaned 3 panels in the dining room doors (hate this job so do a few at a time). Also deep cleaned some of the woodwork in the kitchen
  • Make spare bed
  • Possibly make Christmas biscuits
  • Crochet bunting for friend's wedding (and weave in ends )
  • Crochet gloves for OH (chunky wool so shouldn't take long)
  • Wrap Christmas presents if OH ever gets up
  • Weekend washing. Put towels in at 90' as it service washes the machine at the same time!
  • Towels outside to dry for what it's worth
  • Try to get OH to come for a walk in nice crispy winter weather. Visit tree with mistletoe on it.
  • Make bed with lovely cosy brushed cotton duvet cover
  • B/L/D from stores
  • Right - if that doesn't keep me out of trouble, I don't know what will!
    Have a good one all
    clf x

  • Hello all
    Not much sleep due to coughing, I ended up getting up and coming downstairs between 2-6
    Still, it is a lovely day and I did manage to sleep between 6-8.
    So far today I have:
    Hoovered top floor bedroom
    Persuaded OH to do rest of hoovering while I walked to the post office to post the Xmas cards that need to go airmail to France
    Bought some mince from the butchers while out, as I didn't get the beef stew I had planned into the SC in time I will do that tomorrow. We will have bolognese or something like that tonight.
    Decluttered a lamp to the charity shop that takes electrical goods
    OH also cleaned the chickens out so I don't have to do that Might be something to do with the brewery tour he is going on this afternoon
    Still to do:
    Continue tidying and dusting
    Declutter another item which someone is coming round to collect this afternoon
    Write and post rest of Xmas cards
    Wrap presents - got them all now, except for some food bits
    Put some stuff that dissolves hair etc down the drain in the ensuite shower (the glamour )
    Put washing outside for a while as it is lovely and sunny. It will freshen it up if nothing else
    Make bolognese for dinner, and enough for Monday as well
    Hope everyone has a nice day
  • Hi everyone, some very busy lists going on today.
    Maria - do you ever sleep?! You achieve so much before I've even considered waking up!
    Boberalla - hope you get lots of tips at work over the weekend.
    Twiggy - another long list and great to get some extra cash for the airport run.
    Gaining control - great news on the cost of the car, they always cause such worry when they go for repairs, don't they? And this site really gets you to focus on NSD and budgeting for Christmas. I think I've done better this year, but can definitely improve next year too.
    CLF - some lovely sounding present making (I would love to start making things like this). You're so supportive of your OH, I hope he is able to go on the lovely walk you've got planned.
    Dawn - hope you get well soon - coughing all night is horrible. Glad you managed to get a couple of hours this morning.
    Thanks for everyone's kind words following my little rant about the house the other day. Feeling much better now.
    Well, DD was feeling a little under the weather last night and still isn't 100%, so we didn't go to her swimming lesson this morning.
    We nipped to a couple of shops to get some unexpected Christmas gifts (family living aboard and didn't think I'd have to buy for them until January)
    Diesel bought at asd@ as cheapest around
    Bought some staples until my big shop tomorrow or Monday
    Load of washing done on economy and bed linen now in.
    Ironing to do - not so much this week so shouldn't take too long.
    Clean fridge (common theme this weekend!) Mine is also quite empty so would be best to do before more food goes in it
    All meals from stores
    Haircut later - dry cut to save some pennies
    Need to do a general tidy up
    Sort out outfit for tonight and polish nails. DH and I are going out which is a nice change. Only to a local pub to see a band play, so shouldn't be too expensive.
    Right, must finish my brew and crack on with my little list.
  • I am turning into a MSE master! Well not quite but I wanted to share my little shop with you.
    Parked in asda and walked into town so I could get a few bits to get parking back. So I bought:
    3 x febreeze sleep serenity - Ј3 each or 3 for Ј5. Plus I had a Ј1 coupon and a 50p coupon = 3 febreeze for Ј3.50
    Diet coke and Pepsi - Ј1.25 each or 2 for Ј2. Plus 75p through shopitize and Ј1.25 through click snap = FREE
    Shloer - Ј1 but had 50p off coupon
    Carex - 80p plus 30p through shopitize
    Plus Ј1.50 parking back which I would have paid if I parked elsewhere in town.
    So a Ј12.40 shop came to Ј5.40 plus I'll get Ј2.30 through the apps taking it to Ј3.10!! Not bad for my first coupon shop!
    Plus I had 3 free coupons for the new innocent range but they didn't sell them so have to try elsewhere!
  • Hope you don't mind me joining for a weekend. I usually post on the pay your debt off and I've reached my target early for 2014 so thought I'd have a look around and this thread looked interesting.
    DFW things today;
    Bought 3 chickens and cut them up into portions and frozen them. So much cheaper than buying all the cuts separately. The 3 carcasses are going to get made into stock for Christmas Day gravy.
    Dug around in the freezer and found some steak so made a hot pot with a load of veg as well. It is cooking in the slow cooker at the moment - will add some herb dumplings in a few hours - should fill up me and the kids.
    Going to put the slow cooker on overnight as well because I want to cook a big batch of chilli and then I'll put it on tomorrow and make a curry.
    Finally, made a Christmas box up for my mum and step dad - I've put in jam, crackers, potted beef, choc orange, nachos, dip, pop corn and a dvd - will add some perishable items before Christmas Day (cheese and grapes probably). They have everything so I thought a DVD night in might prove thoughtful even though doesn't cost much.
    Enjoying reading your posts. x
  • We were really busy in the cheese household yesterday so didn't manage to post on here. Just as well as it ended up being a very spendy day!
    Bought 2 cheap nighties for labour/hospital, bought a new coat and some bigger winter clothes for DS as he's in bewteen sizes at the mo with a lot of autumn clothes but no decent winter ones. We also went out for lunch as a family as it's probably the last proper chance we'll get before baby arrives. Filled the car up with petrol too, so another Ј58 odd quid. Thankfully, hubby paid for lunch and petrol so I just bought the clothes. I also had a 12p off per litre on Mr T fuelsaver so that saved us over Ј6 on the petrol we put in.
    Anyway, today's plan is...
    *B/L/D from stores (have 1 meal covered on next weeks planner due to last minute lunch plans yesterday)
    *Check online bank account & update YNAB/spreadsheet
    *Load of washing and dry on airer
    *Put all clean washing away
    *Hubby doing a run to the local tip to dump some rubbish
    *Relisted some more stuff to sell yesterday but no interest so will relist today
    *Sort out rest of stuff to sell that's on top shelf of my wardrobe
    *Check free postcode lottery
    *Definitely a NSD!
    *General housework and tidying up (will be washing all the bedding tomorrow)
    *Start the Christmas present wrapping
    Think that's it for now. Usual boring Sunday list to be honest.
    Have a lovely day everyone
    SC xx
  • Morning all
    Happy Sunday!
    twiggy - that's some excellent couponing! Are these apps worthwhile? I may have to look into this
    stiltoncheese - I'm guessing that the new lo is not far off now?
    Rachiedabbler70 - welcome to the thread
    GettingOrganised - thank you and hope you had a nice evening with your DH
    Dawn - hope the cough is better and you had more sleep
    GainingControl - hope you got through your list! It looked busy!
    Bobarella - hope your long days pay off
    maria - not up yet? A well deserved lie in I hope?
    So yesterday was a difficult one. OH very down, but sometimes a bit up I did manage to get him out for a walk to get the mistletoe, which was a good job as it was higher up in the tree than I expected and I couldn't reach! Slightly non-mse though as we stopped in the pub for lunch on the way home. Oops! (But had to persuade him to leave the house some how!)
    Yesterday's mse things achieved:
  • Bits of deep cleaning - will try to enlist OH with this. I've already cleaned 3 panels in the dining room doors (hate this job so do a few at a time). Also deep cleaned some of the woodwork in the kitchen - house looking a little better
  • Crochet bunting for friend's wedding (and weave in ends ) - not woven in yet...
  • Crochet gloves for OH (chunky wool so shouldn't take long) - discovered that there was not quite enough wool and had to pull apart. Will try again today with a different colour cuff to make the wool go further (or use different wool!)
  • Wrap Christmas presents - all done! Woohoo!
  • Weekend washing. Put towels in at 90' as it service washes the machine at the same time! - done
  • Towels outside to dry for what it's worth - done
  • Try to get OH to come for a walk in nice crispy winter weather. Visit tree with mistletoe on it. - collected mistletoe and free exercise in the sunshine
  • Make bed with lovely cosy brushed cotton duvet cover - toasty warm
  • B/L/D from stores - B and D was (or more like second lunch and D by the time OH got up )
  • Extra thing - OH has put weather strip on kitchen door after I noticed that a huge draught was blowing though. Weather strip free from f-i-l
  • Mulled some cider using spices already in house. Bought paper chains (Ј1) but "accidentally" picked up two stockings for Ј3 each. They are gorgeous though and look great hung in our fireplace (it's an original feature of the house )
  • Today's list:

  • Make Christmas biscuits NOW (or after posting... )
  • Stitch n b!tch with friend
  • Put some blimming bread on!
  • Possibly a supermarket shop. OH wants more food for next week (specific stuff to get back on his diet)
  • Bit of tidying. Cannot understand how two adults make so much mess?
  • Devise a way to cover the keyhole on the kitchen door. Tip about fridge magnet doesn't work as handle not magnetic.
  • Better set to! These biccies won't make themselves.
    Have a lovely day all
    clf x

  • Carrielovesfanta - I've only started using them this week so I'm not sure how quickly it will rack up. But this week I've made Ј2.45 on shopitize, Ј1.15 on checkout smart and Ј1.25 on click snap. It is very little effort though so I guess it's worth it!
  • Hi all, Just had a huge cup of coffee & read everyone's posts. Been busy doing festive jobs this weekend & socialising, so not a huge amount of money saving activity to report. One definite saving is that I got up this morning with every intention of visiting the village farm shop to buy a Christmas wreath for our front door. Then I thought I'd rather save the money in our Household Piggy towards a new rug so I put my coat on & went round the garden with my secateurs. Brought bundle of twiggy branches, conifer, holly & ivy back indoors, & found my stash of pine cones & 99pShop ribbon & red baubles. Made a big trailing bouquet, wired it together & hung it on front door. It looks surprisingly impressive for a Tightwad Throw Together, but I'd got the Christmas Cake in the oven & Slade on the iPod, so perhaps I was channelling festivity. Anyway, must get the tree decorated now - Mr f just bringing it in.
    Have a good day, all.
    CLF - sorry your partner not feeling too good. Is it depression or has he been poorly? Hope your lergy is on its way out.
    F x
  • Well, I got a bit more sleep last night, only up for 2 hours due to coughing instead of 4
    So, I got up really late for me, 9.30 Still some jobs to do from yesterday, but so far I have:
    Heating is on only in the bathroom, airing cupboard and loft conversion bedroom thingy which is freezing if I leave it unheated. As it includes an ensuite and hence water, I am always wary of it freezing up there Must investigate better insulation in the new year. There is some, but it is not absolutely clear where to put any more iyswim. If anyone has a loft conversion and can tell me what they have done I would be pleased to hear about it.
    Put washing back on line as it didn't dry at all yesterday and I forgot to put it on the airer last night The wind is blowing so hopefully it will dry a bit before it rains and I need to bring it in!
    Breadmaker is on, which will avoid having to go to the supermarket and the risk of unnecessary spending. How often do I come out with just the one thing I went in for? Not often
    Put stewing steak, together with a random kidney I found in the freezer, an onion and a few leftover mushrooms in the SC for a pie filling for later in the week (or to freeze)
    To do later:
    Cook breast of lamb that OH de-boned and stuffed for me this morning, with veg from the fridge Done, had it with roasted carrots, potatoes and parsnips, boiled sprouts and gravy. Very nice
    Possibly do a bit in the garden if it stays dry. I have some raspberry canes to plant in the back garden and some tulip bulbs at the front. See what I feel like later. I planted the bulbs in the front garden. This meant emptying the dead plants out of the tubs, taking them round the back to the composter, and carrying new compost round to the front to refill them (I live in a mid-terrace and to get to the front without going through the house I need to go out of the back gate onto the access lane, up an alleyway and along the pavement for a short distance, so not quite as simple a task as it sounds). Did it though - two large tubs of mixed tulips and two more with some purple and white iris bulbs I had forgotten I had All now covered with bits of netting etc to stop the local cats using them as loos
    Still have presents to wrap and cards to write, distinct lack of Christmas cheer going on here Still not been motivated to do this
  • Hi Everyone,
    Just had a lovely read.I have been stewing apples and batch cooking bol sauce and other stuff for the freezer as no children home this weekend.
    Have caught up on washing, mostly full rate elec but do have the last load on kitchen airer. Am about to stop everything and watch a film I recorded last night.
    Happy sunday everyone. Another NSD for me. Hope everyone gets well.
  • CLF....I'm 35 weeks, but DS was 3weeks early so she could be here any time in the next 2-5 weeks really. Seems so close all of a sudden!
  • Afternoon all! Hope you've all had a nice weekend.
    Didn't complete everything on my list yesterday so brought over to today.
    So today I have/will:
    * post on here DONE
    * check banks DONE
    * check elec/gas statement DONE (spent more than I'd have liked last month but still under DD)
    * fill up petrol - DONE worked out I made Ј74.78 for picking friends up from the airport!
    * do big shop so don't have to go again before Xmas other than milk etc DONE
    * buy meat frp xmas day DONE but OH wants a ham joint too
    * prepare sprouts for Xmas day and pop in freezer DONE - also peeled and chopped a bag of carrots that were looking rather questionavle so they're in the freezer too
    * put chicken portions in bags and freeze DONE
    * take cushions off sofa and hoover DONE
    * hoover out shoe cupboard DONE
    * make Thai curry x2 and freeze one (pray it actually fits in the freezer!) DONE although a biy of a snall portion next time as OH was particularly hungry!
    * buy alcohol for xmas period - going to do tomorrow night
    * do one load of washing DONE
    Think that's everything for today!
  • Hi all
    Hope you're having a great weekend
    I have pretty much run out of money. Well, I have run out of money. What happened was I made a substantial payment off a credit card (having finished my xmas shopping, not anticipating any big bills etc) but then my direct debit - also a substantial amount - was still taken. My own fault for not checking properly and lesson learnt, so I've been caught a bit short.
    I have a physio appointment tomorrow (third one in as many weeks but then having a 3 week break) which I should just manage to pay cash for hopefully.
    However I had to refill my car (I go through a tank of fuel a week) to drive to the further-away office tomorrow as I was cutting it too fine with only 20miles to spare on a 130mile round trip. So I had to use my credit card which I'm gutted about. However I can claim the trip on expenses and it will cover the full tank, I just won't see the money back straight away.
    Next step; listing a few things on eBay again not necessarily an instant win but going in the right direction.
    I'm telling myself that at least I had room on the credit card to put the fuel. Still feels like a fairly major setback though. I also know that I won't meet the target of paying it off by the 1st January but I should be pretty close.