09 Mar 2015

A question about : Samsung Cashback offer expired but still advertised on their site


Summary: The Samsung website is still advertising a cashback offer that expired in December 2012 and can't be claimed. I've just bought a tablet thinking I could get cashback on it, and I'm not happy that I can't. Has anyone else had this problem? Or does anyone know who I can contact to solve it?

I can't post the link because I'm a new poster, but it's currently the second link suggested by Google if you search Samsung Cashback. It's the one on their site ending /uk/tab2cashback/

Details: I've just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 from John Lewis. It was Ј230, and I'd stumbled on the above offer for Ј50 while deciding which tablet to go for- which made it sound like a bargain at Ј180.

The offer clearly states Buy selected Samsung tablets now and then Take advantage of these great offers today. But when I try to claim it, the site advises As the last date for qualifying purchases was December 31st 2012 the last date to claim was February 28th 2013.

...so the offer is expired, but Samsung are still promoting it on their own website and using language that makes it look like it's still available. The expiry date isn't mentioned in the FAQs. Admittedly it is mentioned in the full Terms and Conditions (which I hadn't read- I know, always read the T&Cs!- this may lead to my eventual downfall). However, I think it's preposterous that the offer is even shown in this way when it can't be claimed.

There are several other threads about this apparently rubbish cashback offer, which was managed by Opia on behalf of Samsung, but they're all about people not being sent the cashback when they applied in time. This issue is different- more like False Advertising, using the promise of cashback to get you to buy the tablet.

I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem, or knows how I should approach Samsung to make a complaint?

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