09 Mar 2015

A question about : Sainburys 'cheap' champagne offer

Yesterday, I joined Sainsburys on line shopping as a new customer to access the Ј9 per bottle champagne, Antoine de Clevecy as advertised in your email this week. It was a rather complicated process as you stated but worth it. When my delivery arrived today, again as you suggested, I checked the invoice which totalled at Ј91.19, not Ј59.60 as I had worked out. The driver told me Sainsbury's would have run out of the deal on offer and substituted with what they felt was an equivalent ( Sainsburys own brand). As a result, I sent the order back and phoned customer services to say how unhappy I was ( this was a call centre in Northern Ireland). They would not price match( Tesco do), they suggested I tried to order again and even after I told them I would not shop online with Sainsburys again, they offered a Ј15 online voucher!
This deal was a waste of time for me and I really feel its a bit of a scam. I just felt you should know.

Best answers:

  • No, not a scam. You have not lost anything (apart from a bit of effort); they have not made any money but have lost from preparing and delivering an order that was not accepted.
    Under normal circumstances people prefer it if the retailer makes a reasonable substitution for a sold-out product rather than cancelling the order entirely. (I think the website allows you to tick a box to say that you do not want any substitutions.) Naturally their systems are not designed for people who simply want to grab bargains.
  • Allow me to say the no substitutions box was ticked, and yes, if bargains are on offer I, like most will take the offer up, otherwise why would Martins Money Tips highlight that and many other offers.
  • they have buckets of it in store..........
  • I too have ordered this and have arranged delivery for this evening.
    I had a call yesterday morning from Sainsbury's to tell me that stocks were running low but that they would honour the price and substitute a higher-priced champagne if they couldn't deliver what we have ordered.
    We shall see what arrives.
  • Champagne delivered just now by a very nice chap. Antoine de Clevecy, as ordered, 6 bottles delivered for a total cost of Ј53.91.
  • From sainsburys website...
    "If a product is unavailable on the day of your delivery, your driver will bring a substitute selected by our personal shopper in your delivery store as a close alternative to your original choice."....
    "Please note, you will be charged for the price of the substituted product not the original product"
  • I'm sure Asda and Tesco price match - it's only if people highlight and talk about this that Sainsburys will introduce it.
  • We ordered 2 bottles of champagne and 4 bottles of wine (to qualify for the 25% off 6 bottles offer).
    They delivered the 4 bottles of wine, but no champagne and 1 bottle of Prosecco (yuk) as a substitute.
    As this was only 5 bottles we didn't get the 25% discount. What a scam.
    Despite complaining they have refused to give us the 25% off the bottles they delivered.
    Awful customer service. Won't be using them again, whatever their 'offers' suggest.