09 Mar 2015

A question about : Rough Quote For Electric Cooker Plug

I know it's all variable but typically none of our local electricians in the NE Lincs area seem to be answering their phone to give us a quote.

We're changing from a gas cooker to an electric one. We've paid installation etc, but before they'll fit it and cap off the gas pipe etc we need to have a different plug box (or something similar) put in as our 3 pin plug socket that the gas cooker used for the ignition isn't correct. The fitter/gas safe engineer had a look at it today and says that nothing can be done until this is changed. They're happy to hardwire it in (when it's done) but a separate engineer has to come and fit it.

Can anyone give us a rough idea of a price please? (and the actual name of the part needed).

Thanks in advance.

Best answers:

  • Hi a normal single oven should be able to be plugged into a normal socket in the kitchen. the 3 pin one that the ignition was plug into would be fine.
  • Thank you very much for your reply.
    The knowhow (currys) bloke said they wouldn't do it as it had to be changed to a proper cooker plug! They refused to cap off the pipe and remove the old one until it's done as it all has to be done in one job. Cooker didn't even come off the wagon (!)
    What we have at the moment is a 3 point plug that the cooker was plugged into and a switch on the side of the wall above it to turn the ignition on/off.
  • This is the cooker if it helps - http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/househo...09601-pdt.html
  • It need a dedicated hardwired cooker point from the fuse box, ignore post 2. Depends how far away from the fuse box you are could cost nearly as much as the cooker. Do you really want an electric one?
  • Interesting, thank you. The gas safe bloke from Knowhow was sure it'd be about a 20/25 pound job - just a case of changing the socket box. If it is that much then we'll be cancelling the entire order and getting another gas.
  • Hi yes it needs its own circuit run back to the CU but it will cost alot more then 20/30 quid its will be nearer Ј150 but depends on how far from cooker to CU
  • Thanks a lot for your posts. The electrician iscoming for a quote tomorrow. If it's too much then it will be being refunded and we'll stick with gas.
    Thanks again
  • He arrived today and assessed the situation and it really IS just a socket change that's needed and it really will only be Ј25!!
    I was amazed, expecting lots of work and lots of charges! (and he knows the situation better than the knowhow guys as it was him who rewired the house about 6/7 years ago).
    He said if they'd left it, he would have even installed it within that Ј25 for us too!
    Sadly whilst our lovely sparky can do the work at some point on Monday for us.... the next delivery day for the cooker is Saturday. Ah well, can't have it all!!
    Thanks all for your help.
  • "doh" !!...........................
  • It was only a 3 pin socket. he changed it for a socket that has a flat front now that the cooker will apparently be hardwired into.
    (this is the job I posted about in the first post - that it was just a plug box change)
  • He changed a 13Amp socket to a cooker 30Amp? how excatly.
  • That's is normally the case but it needs to checked before you buy, as a 15amp line will cost 1000's.