26 Feb 2015

A question about : Richard III Joke

Henry Tudor: I'm going to build a car park in the centre of Leicester.

Richard III: Over my dead body.

Best answers:

  • Henry Tudor: "I'm going to lay a Richard III in a car park in the centre of Leicester."
  • I hope we have a state funeral ... and a day off work.
  • So they found some bones in Leicester, and they are a match for a seventeen generation decendant of R3's sister, It must be him then.
    Or possibly one of the others on the extended tree, earlier or later than R3.
  • Apparently they also rebuilt his face over the skeleton, and it looks like his portraits!
    I am sure there was no bias involved from the person who did the face building!
  • A car parking space, a car parking space! My kingdom for a car parking space!
  • When they discovered him, some bright spark yelled, 'A hearse, a hearse, my kingdom for a hearse.'
  • When I heard they found that body I had a hunch that it would turn out to be Richard III.
  • Richard III has finally been declared "1485 Hide 'n Seek Champion".
  • King Richard III's remains have been found buried under a car park in Leicester. It appears he was stabbed and hacked to death before burial.
    However, ATOS have said his spine is fine, and have declared him Fit to Work.
  • The Royal Family have been declared bankrupt after receiving Richard III's car park fine.
  • Atos have deemed him fit for work.
  • Is it true that the archeologists are carrying on digging in the hope that they find the bones of King John and Richard II so they can qualify the dig as a multi-stor[e]y car park?
  • Is this the point at which I go off on my 'take his body back to York' rant?
  • I bet if Richard were around now he'd get the hump about this.