09 Mar 2015

A question about : Reply from Ryanair Compensation

Have just received the following for reclaiming accomodation expenses. I faxed them at the beginning of May. I don't know where they get the idea that you have to have VAT registered receipts, we rented an apartment in Spain & had to extend the rental period - I shall have to put it in the covering letter, if they want to play silly sods, then its off to court we go

I refer to our recent correspondence regarding your disrupted flight(s).

We now invite you to submit your reasonable expense claim along with the original receipted expenses for hotel accommodation food and transport to/from the airport which were incurred whilst waiting to travel on the next operating Ryanair flight.

To access the form click on the below weblink and complete the Expenses Claim Form online, then print and sign the form and return to the address provided, ensuring that you attach all the original VAT registered receipts to support the claim. On receipt of the required documentation, we will work with our insurance assessment team to process valid reasonable claims.

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  • Hi,
    I received the same email and the weblink it tells you to click on doesn't work, it says the site ryanaireu261 is under construction!
    They are requesting original receipts, I have informed them, that I sent original receipts on 26th April with my original claim!
    Have just re-copied everything to re-send, so basically have come full circle back to original starting point on 26th April!
    Starting to get beyond a joke, has anyone actually received compensation for hotel expenses etc. yet? I know people have got the refund for flight costs but have not yet heard of anyone getting anything for hotel costs?
    Into week 9 now, Ryanair's statement of processing time 4-8 weeks is well overdue.
  • i to have had the same email exactley 28days since I put in my original claim. I sent originals already by recorded delivery. This just goes to show ryanairs total lack of customer care with a link that doesn't work and why I will NEVER fly with them again.
    I guess its small claims court time as in 8 weeks time it will no doubt be something else
  • Ah I wasn't the only one then to find that the link didn't work - I was going to try it on another compter later today, just in case it was down to the configuaration of mine
  • I got the e-mail and the link last night, when it wouldn't work. Managed to get it to work earlier today.
    I'm worried because like Steve1500, we ended up extending our stay in the apartment we were at originally for the further two weeks it took for there to be a flight with availability from Bologna. We did stay in an hotel in Bologna for the first three days, and had to eat out a couple of times as there were no facilities. The rest of the time we got bits and pieces from the market and ate those.
    I also note they say they are only paying for breakfast and dinner. Can they do that?
    We ended up self catering to save money, and I'd intended to put in the supermarket bills. Don't know what to do about that now though. We simply couldn't afford to eat out all the time, and actually, even if we could have, we wouldn't have wanted to.
    Our total bill for 2 children and 2 adults including transport back to Bologna from the airport, hotel accommodation for 4 nights (3 before we went to the apartment and 1 the night before we flew) the apartment rental, food and meals, and transport back to Bologna, and to the airport again was Ј2175, but was actually more as we lost some receipts and I wasn't comfortable about not being able to back everything with receipts.
    What is your opinion on how to approach this? I notice on the Air users council website they also say hotel accommodation, but no one gave any indication of this either on the morning we turned up to find the volcano had blown in the night, or on Ryanair's website, or indeed, anywhere. Same with cooking your own meals. I'm very worried about it all. Meanwhile I'm being paid interest on the credit card balance!
  • For information this is a copy/paste of the form on the link
    Only ONE claim per booking is permitted. Do not submit more than one application as this may delay our response to you.
    Please complete the form below:
    Your Reference: G669YV
    Title: *
    First name: * Surname: *
    Address 1: *
    Address 2:
    Address 3:
    City/Town: *
    Country: *
    Number of Passengers in Booking: *
    Other passenger names:
    Postcode: *
    Email Address: *
    Original Flight:
    Departure Date: * Flight Number: FR * Origin: * Destination: *
    Rebooked Flight:
    Departure Date: Flight Number: FR Origin: Destination:
    Please detail below your reasonable receipted expenses incurred whilst waiting for your return Ryanair flight.
    Ensure all expenses are submitted in one currency.
    Hotel Expenses - (Limited to 2/3 Star accommodation only with supporting VAT registered invoices)
    Number Of Nights: Room Type: Amount: Currency:
    Meal Expenses (Breakfast and Dinner only)
    Detail Meal Expenses: Amount: Currency:
    Other: Taxi to/from the Airport/Phone calls (Max 2 short calls per day)
    Detail Other Expenses: Amount: Currency:
    Total: Amount: * Currency:
    I/we hereby declare that all information/answers given in connection with this claim are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I confirm where a claim is made on behalf of others I have their authority to act on their behalf. I/we understand that the information on this form may be passed onto our insurance assessors for the purpose of claim investigation and fraud prevention.
    Click here to confirm that you have read and fully understand the above declarations on behalf of all passengers on your flight booking. *
  • After paying Ј5.90 at the post office this afternoon to re-send everything by registered post - but without the newly requested claim form from Ryanair, I have just discovered that the link now works, so have started all over again..... form filled out, even though very tricky, only works by using tabs, more copies made of copies, as originals already sent 2 months ago!
    Back to post office tomorrow to re-send it all again!
  • Now I am completely baffled, got through to the site
    This from the email received
    To access the form click on the below weblink and complete the Expenses Claim Form online, then print and sign the form and return to the address provided, ensuring that you attach all the original VAT registered receipts to support the claim. On receipt of the required documentation, we will work with our insurance assessment team to process valid reasonable claims
    They have not not supplied any address as to where to send the receipts etc. However, on the actual web page but there is a submit button, but no place as far as I can see to upload copies of the receipts.
  • Hi,
    I have received the same email. They mention that the accommodation should be no more than 2-3 star but we stayed ina 4 star hotel out of town, that was cheaper than our original 3 star! Hope we wont get done for that!
    Again it tells us to fill in the document, print it and send it but 1) no address is provided, 2) there is a submit button on the form and 3) we are basically just sending all the documents we sent in april.
    They probably hope people will give up if they make it hell!
  • I spoke to ryanair yesterday about this. when i wrote enclosing all my original receipts at the end of April that claim form was not available on the website. I received the email link last week and was thinking that once they had accepted i had a claim i would have to re-submit all the receipts (of which i kept copies). I was told on the phone yesterday that once I had filled in and submitted the claim form, it would be married up with my original letter so there would be no need to send it again. However we stayed in a villa as well and there is nowhere to state self-catering as opposed to hotel so will just have to select family room and hope for the best!
  • Will try that Mel, thanks for the tip!
  • omg what a nightmare, we all stayed on all inc as it was chaeper tehn full board and with kids we could not afford for icecreams drinks ect.... wonder what hey will say to my claim "we do not pay for alcohol" lol
  • Just been paid claim of over Ј850 from good old ryanair.
    Actually claimed Ј1200 but they refused car hire, parking, drinks, etc.
    Quite happy.
  • Hi,
    I too have received this e-mail and link. I was able to access the link. I found the form awkward to complete because there were 3 of us travelling in our party. The form did not make provision for this. I placed the third party's details further down the form where it said "any other expenses" I kept a copy of this form before pressing the submit button. However once I pressed the submit button the information arranged itself differently and the third party details came out on the form as telephone expenses. At this point I should have kept a copy of the form but didn't. I then returned to the first screen to place the third party details elsewhere tried to resubmit and received the message that this reference has already been used for a claim. What should I do now. Has anyone else made this mistake? Or if you have been unable to use the link have you sent the original receipts with an accompanying letter? Please give me some guidance as to what I should do now. I have e-mailed Ryanair about 20 times but as yet have not received a response.
  • just received email from ryanair , i had originally claimed for around Ј1000 and they have said that they will send cheque for Ј825 within 14 working days which i am pleased about as there was some items on receipts which were not covered alcohol and stuff
  • Barneyboy
    Did you use the email link? and then send in your receipts or had you previously sent in your receipts? If it is the first it might give us all a clue as to the time spam
  • I also received an email (on 2nd July) saying cheque would be issued within 10 days, as yet nothing! Anyone else?
  • Having gone through all the usual "bad manners" Ryanair delaying tactics I finally got a letter via email 2 July informing me that I would receive a cheque (only half of my very reasonable claim) within the next 10 days. Having received nothing I sent a fax(email rejected) but have still not received even a reply. Has anyone recived similar and received a cheque???