26 Feb 2015

Any point in a subject access request?

A question about : Any point in a subject access request?

Hi All,

I was hoping you guys could help me with a PPI claim I am making. I have recently made a PPI Credit card claim that was won in my favour however the amount was quite small (I was expecting more!). The lender said it could not find statements from 1994 to 2001 and therefore used averages. Unfortunately I do not have any statements for this time period that I can present myself to them.

26 Feb 2015

Endeavour Personal Finance

A question about : Endeavour Personal Finance

Hello All
I wonder if anyone can help me
in 2007 i took a loan through Norton Finance and Endeavour Personal Finance applied PPI to the Loan which im now wanting to claim back.
so firstly who do i send my claim letter to? and does anyone know the address?
Secondly, Has Norton and Endeavour both went bump?

26 Feb 2015

Bill Protector Plan (Insurance)

A question about : Bill Protector Plan (Insurance)

Please help !

Recently i have found out that I have paid Bill Protector Insurance for few years. Would I be able to reclaim it please?

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26 Feb 2015

Buildings Insurance with Mortgage Provider

A question about : Buildings Insurance with Mortgage Provider

In the 1980's my Mortgage provider insisted that as part of providing a mortgage I must take out Building Insurance with their specified provider, this continued until the early 2000's Is this similar to miss - selling PPI insurance and am I likely to have grounds for a claim for miss selling ?