09 Mar 2015

A question about : Problem with offer

Hi - I'm new here so probably put this in the wrong place but I hope it's ok.

In work we have a chocolate vending machine and yesterday I had one bar costing 59p or so I thought - I was only charged a penny.

I told the duty manager - who was there at the time, and he said that he was going to leave it for Saturdays restaurant staff, as everyone has gone home, as it was there fault they put it wrong

I offered to put the prices right as he said no, not to worry. I thought the 1p price was for real for that night.

Anyway - on my second break the machine was still full and there was no one around so I got some and took a about a dozen.

I have learning disabilities and don't always know what is what.

Was I or the manager in the wrong.

Best answers:

  • If you have learning disabilities may I compliment you on your ability to type so well and also work out when you notice a morally confusing situation? Many could not do this even without learning disabilities.
    I would say that as much as they had been warned and you'd told the manager yet the error was not corrected, the fact that its left you wanting to go as far as to pass over your query to the forum makes me think you have too many moral reservations to let this pass.
    Weather or not it was right or not, inside you don't seem to feel it was right- that's your moral compas talking. Sometimes even when the rules or others justifications say otherwise, it doesn't make a bit of difference. What you feel matters more then what anyone can tell you you should feel. If its bothered you enough to type all that in, it means it doesn't sit right with you and isn't OK.
    Some people may not have any objection to taking all the chocolate bars, but others may object from an inner standpoint because you look at things differently. We are always growing and developing as people, as individuals and I guess what it comes down to is what sort of a person you want to turn in to.
    Just my pennies-worth-of-though...
  • Thanks for that so do you think it was right or wrong?
  • Thats for you to decide. Did you eat all the chocolate, and was it nice?
  • Was it right for you to purchase a dozen bars at the incorrect price? Probably not.
    Would anybody else have done the same? H*ll yes!!!
    Enjoy your chocolate
  • The duty manager should have dealt with it as soon as it was pointed out.
    However, you are also wrong because you knowingly bought the chocolate at a price you knew was wrong. You wouldnt have bought a dozen bars normally.
    So you are both wrong, but under the same circumstances, most people would do the same so stop worrying.
    Hope you enjoy it. lol
  • Just so long as you aren't in charge of running baths or feeding the elderly, you should be fine.