09 Mar 2015

A question about : Private Parking Ticket

Hi guys,

I got a parking charge notice this morning from Parkingeye. They are demanding Ј100.00, Ј60.00 if I pay within 14 days. I intend to appeal, I did not notice that it was a paid car park(Morrison's Stratford, East London).

I went into Morrison's and bought a few items and stayed for a total of 45 minutes. I would like to know whether I should appeal in writing or is it better online?

Thanks for reading. Any advice/help would be much appreciated.


Best answers:

  • Appeal via whatever means PE allow. If this is online or email - fine. (If online, take a screen capture of the acknowledgement page). If online, you might need to trim the standard appeal template to fit their web form, or put a summary in the form and attach the appeal as a PDF or similar.
  • Read the Newbies thread at the top of this forum.
    Take some time to understand the issues and how to appeal. (hint: it's not about what happened on the day, but on legal points)
    If in doubt, post any appeal you plan to send in this thread for comments.
  • Start by reading the Newbies Sticky at the head of this Forum carefully - It contains all the most up to date info and options for seeing them-off.
    Post back here for further advice when you have something together.