09 Mar 2015

A question about : Price of private a 'Radiologist report' + 'Oncologist report' ?

When needing a private radiologist and also oncologist to view some X-rays, and examine them and write a report on them, to determine what the Xrays show

(any health issues, explanations of any shadows, or any conclusions which they might draw by looking at the Xray)

Then if they were to write a report on these findings, then what would be a typical price looking to pay for a:

i) Radiologist report
ii) Oncologist report?

On the basis, that they can be used as 'evidence' to deal with a clinical negligence case.

(which can very pricey, but just looking at the price to be expected),

and also, where is the best place to find these specialists , to do these services (for the report, after viewing the digital xray image?)

Best answers:

  • What advice have you had from your solicitor, and are you intending to take it?
  • Likely to be anywhere between Ј500-Ј1000 per report.
    Also, you need to make sure that the experts are conversant with compiling a medical report/ opinion that is conversant with the Civil Procedure Rules and are aware of the purpose of their opinion being sought, i.e. to criticise (potentially) the actions of a colleague.
    There are ways in which the questions need to be worded so as to ask for the opinion as to whether there has been negligence or not.
    Your FULL medical history would also be needed if the opinion is to stand a realistic chance of being accurate.
    If you have a case that is worth bothering with, then a no win no fee solicitor would incur the costs of such reports as part of their risk of proceeding with the claim, this avoids you being possibly Ј2k out of pocket to discover there is no claim.
    Presumably you have sought advice? You need professional advice for cases like this as your own judgment can often be too biased.
  • These can be pricey but keep in mind they might not take the view point that you are giving, which can leave you with a pricey bill to pay.
    They will base the report on their knowledge of the facts.