09 Mar 2015

A question about : PPI Reclaiming Discussion Part 5


Hi all, this thread is for discussing the PPI Reclaiming article.

This is Part 5 of the discussion, as the last one was so long (read parts one, two, three and four). To discuss or ask a question about this article, click 'post reply'.

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  • So here we are guys restarting on this thread this post will just give you a post or two to latch on to.
  • Ok i'll start,
    I have not made a claim yet and after reading this board am thinking seriously about claiming.
    I had two loans from HSBC over the years both having PPI, I just cant remmeber about how I agreed to them or anything, so im at a loss on what to say about my claim.
    Also I have an HSBC credit card, I have been paying PPI for many years on this and did not realise I was paying this until a few months ago, I then promptly cancelled it.
    A person on another thread said he just called there customer services and put in a claim over the phone.
    I'm totally thick when it comes to things like this and not sure what to say, any help in what i say and any other help would be appreciated.
  • Thanks for this I was in the last week of my probationary period before I was taken on full time if memory serves. I was in full time employment after that and said with the company for almost 4 years.
    It's all so confusing.... and it's over Ј2,000 I didn't need to pay I still have all my paperwork and everything
  • i just spoke to cap one again over the phone and they cant provide me with any proof i ticked the box for ppi cant say im surpised
  • Evening all - I have had a response from capital one "following a complete investigation into your complaint we are confident that the policy was sold appropriately. During your Internet application you clearly indicated that you wanted to purchase the policy and from the information provided you were able to do so" beckon telephone conversation took place? But I had pretty much no idea what I was getting do I still stand a chance of getting this back?
  • My name is Amersall not
    the general consensus is
    you know i am only kidding
    I think General Amersall sounds good
  • im gonna ask this question again didn't get a answer and just wondered if anyone can help
    ok so after finally sending my complaint to the right address Santander sent a offer letter today for a old cahoot flexible loan. stating the following:
    Refund of payments from December 2002 (when I took loan out) until January 2004 (this is when they say I stoppped making ppi payments) the girl said on the phone I may have not been paying enough back to qualify for making ppi payments?? though I always paid the minimum amount if not more would they not always make a charge for ppi if it was taken out against the loan no matter if I was making minimum payments required....no idea just find it strange tho I could of cancelled the PPi at this point pretty sure I didn't.
    the breakdown is as follows:
    total premimums for 14 months Ј389, interest on this Ј303 and the lost interest Ј4.15 total due Ј697....
    Does anyone know if the Ј4.15 calculation for simple interest is right? at the end of the day I never finished paying the loan so it will go as redress to the balance but it was money I didn't have before so doesn't matter least its going to the debt.
    It was a online loan so I didn't get any monthly statements sent so can't prove I paid PPI after Jan 04 though I am sure I was, I can't access the online account anymore cuz its closed.
    suppose its another win for the consumer though however you look at it
  • Hi
    I am currently on a DMP. My claim for Santander has been upheld and I have been refunded Ј7087.70. Reading all the forums I am knew that this would go towards paying off of my outstanding arrears which is absolutely fine, however after reading some of the forum comments I was under the impression that the 8% interest would not be put against the arrears. Santander have informed me that everything has been put into paying back my arrears including the interest is this right? If not is there anyway I can get this 8% back. I hope this makes sense and many thanks for your help. I claimed my PPI on my own by filling out the questionnaire from here.
  • Been checking old policies, etc and found a Comet tv purchase with 5 year extended warranty, which we were sold (but didnt want it) Is this one I can claim back, or is it too old. Have already emailed Comet and they say cannot claim after 13 years. Any ideas guys ?
  • Hi
    I was made Bankrupt in May 2009.I had sevral Personal loans and credit cards with PPI.Would I still be able to claim this money back or would they just take any money they owed me due to default.