09 Mar 2015

A question about : Please help, accident where person changed their mind

Hi all,

I really need your advice as I'm not sure where to go any more and I'm getting really stressed and anxious about the situation.

I own a car for which my mum is insured on, whilst out someone hit my car, the woman went into the reception of the building where my mum was, owned up to it, apparently was in a right state and was very apologetic and wrote her name and phone number and asked to pass it on. When my mum came out of her meeting she was handed the note and later phoned up the woman to sort out the insurance claim.

She has now since changed her mind after talking to her sons who said she couldn't have done it as there is no mark on her car.

Mum has reported this to the police who say she has completed her legal obligation by reporting it but they will not be following up on it.

Please help with advice, up until now my mum has been calling her, the woman knows that I am the legal owner of the car so now I want to call the woman and try and reason with her. Any advice on what to say on how to proceed gratefully received.

Best answers:

  • Call you insurance and let them deal with it ?
    Clearly the reception are 'witnesses' to the fact that the woman said she hit the car and left her details.
    Your insurance can take it up with them. In a case like this you're not going get very far trying to organise a settlement excluding the insurance company.
  • thanks sinizterguy, we've called our insurance company but put the claim on hold for now, we don't have her insurance details and if I claim off mine, I am either saying I'm at fault or it was a hit and run I don't want to lose my no claims or pay out as it was her fault.
  • My main question would be .... did she give/have you got her registration number and/or her address ? Without these I think you are stuffed , your insurance will pay for your damage and you will pay your excess.
  • Is there any chance there was CCTV which caught the incident? Either in the car park to capture the accident, or at reception when she came in to the building to confess.
    The woman has shot herself in the foot a bit by admitting her fault to independent witnesses, given that it seems to be common knowledge to never admit fault at the scene of an accident. I'd be calling the insurance company, giving them the contact details for the reception staff (With their consent), and letting them get on with it. They have remarkable investigatory powers, and you'd be surprised what they'd turn up, especially if you can get them some evidence to help them along.