09 Mar 2015

Best place to figure out pension system!

A question about : Best place to figure out pension system!

I'm really confused about pensions,
My husband is 50 this year and we want to sort out our pensions as haven't out anything in for the last couple of years as changed jobs and just forgot really. Morthage free this year so planning on sorting pensions now.

Statement of pension letter says:
Retirement date 2020 which it isn't going to be (more like 65) but this is what it says
Your pension at 55 - Ј956 a year
In addition, a former protected rights pension at 55 - Ј2,020

09 Mar 2015

Using pension contributions to trigger bigger student loan

A question about : Using pension contributions to trigger bigger student loan

Does it work?

With various BIK my gross income will be Ј50k and Mrs PW around Ј15k. Both have salary sacrifice pensions, mine DB and AVC.

If we could contribute Ј36k to pensions between us am I right in saying that this would, a couple of years later, trigger a larger student maintenance loan and grant for the offspring?

Are there rules that prevent this?

What's the lowest I should allow Mrs PW's income to drop to without affecting the new flat state pension?

09 Mar 2015

Serps compensation companies

A question about : Serps compensation companies

Anyone have a clue what these companies are up to with their compensation offers? I have two pensions one final salary and one career average over my 32 years of work and have just received early retirement from the career average one due to ill health.

My Serps contracting out was done when I was a teenager working in local government and is now with Aviva. I had not a clue what I was doing at the time but it was real hard sell at that point in the mid 80's.

Is it something worth investigating or is it dodgy?

09 Mar 2015

Basic Pension Info

A question about : Basic Pension Info

Hi, I need a little help- I am just about to retire early (59) and I currently have a Final Salary Pension ( 29 years service) that I can cash in early but looking at the figures I believe I can get better value by transferring, I have had the transfer value figure and need to move forward and be in a position whereby all is in place for start of April.