09 Mar 2015

Scottish Widows Pension , stay or go ?

A question about : Scottish Widows Pension , stay or go ?

Morning Everyone ,

I have approx. Ј27K in a Scottish Widows pension scheme , over the last few years it has increased in value reasonably . I am aware that should I wish to I can ask an IFA to take the money from there and invest somewhere else that may be more productive. I have 6 years until I am 55 , has anyone else done this and is it worthwhile or do the charges outweigh the potential ?


09 Mar 2015

LGPS Deferred Benefits

A question about : LGPS Deferred Benefits

I'd be grateful if anyone on here could put my mind at rest.

I worked for an English local authority for about 10 years before leaving in the year 2000. I earned quite a reasonable managerial salary in those days, but left to stay at home and look after my family. I have deferred benefits due to start paying a pension when I turn 60. It's not a fortune, just a few K a year, but will form an important part of my income in retirement, not least because it pays out at 60.

09 Mar 2015


A question about : LGPS

I will be retiring probably at 60-62 in 2 - 4 years and want a last ditch savings push.

I have 34 years in the LGPS and will get a lump sum of about Ј40k.

I am just about to set up a S&S ISA and have about Ј50k cash. I've got a AVC, opened last year (under the old system where I can take 100% as cash) and currently pay Ј750 gross p.m. This is a SL 50:50 split between Balanced Lifestyle and a with-profits (I don’t know if this is a good mix, but was in a rush to get in before April).

I want to save another Ј300-400 pm.

09 Mar 2015

Private Pension advice.please?

A question about : Private Pension advice.please?

I worked for a company years ago and was part of a non contributary pension scheme. I will be 60 in March and this pension is due to be paid.
I have just received the paperwork to choose my option.
It is giving me a headache. I panic when I see all the instructions.I have the option of choosing the pension, or lump sum and pension.
I have also to fill in a form, which I am finding very daunting.
Is there anyone out there who could answer me a few questions?