09 Mar 2015


A question about : AA

I finished work at 58 at end of December and was thinking to get as much cash into a SIPP before the end of the Tax year. After this year I will likely have no more earned income.

So I have a DB pension in payment from a previous employment and will get another small DB one for my last job.

I don't think I'm troubled with the Annual allowance. I was on a BR tax code with my last employer. My P45 shows at employment end Pay to date was Ј11,300.35 and Tax they paid for me as Ј2,260.00

Based on the above can someone advise -

09 Mar 2015

Deferred Annuity Pension

A question about : Deferred Annuity Pension

I have a 'Deferred Annuity' pension. I thought the new legislation in April would allow full access to my 'pension pot'. This is not the case according to my Pension company. I have tried to understand my policy, but I am having difficulty since I have also read that it may be possible to access my money. Can anyone help?

09 Mar 2015

Which pension for holding cash?

A question about : Which pension for holding cash?

Which providers / products would you suggest to look at for holding cash in a pension pot?

HL SIPP is one option (no charge for holding cash), but what others are there?

It’s for a transfer in cash from a DC occupational scheme which is being wound up and he wants to keep it in cash as only 3 years until needed for an annuity.


09 Mar 2015

State Pension

A question about : State Pension

Having spent the afternoon looking at .Gov sites 'til I feel like screaming, I have then spent some time trawling through posts on MSE but have concluded I should post and hope someone can unscramble my brain.

I was made redundant at 60 (2013) and I am not working and not claiming benefits (house husband). My statement says I have 45 qualifying years of which I calculate 20 would have been contacted out. I am due to get my state pension in 2018.

I got a pension forecast in 2012 saying that my pension would be Ј120 p.w.