26 Feb 2015

A question about : Pat Leave / New Job


Our first born is due to arrive 20th December
I changed employer 30th September

After reading all the materials on line, several forums and different government websites I'm a little confused with all the terminology and my entitlements.

As above, I changed employers due to long term my job would have disappeared. When I came for my interview at the new place (member of HR present) I specifically asked about my pat leave and would I be able to take my 2 weeks, knowing (I think?) that technically I can't have it. The HR woman said yes no problem, I took the job.

Transpires when I went to ask about it that's now been revoked. At the end of the day I'm not happy they said yes and now no, but I wasn't expecting a Yes in the first place. My boss is more than happy to allow me some time off in the New Year (unpaid, and not out of holiday allowance).

However, am I actually entitled to any paid leave at all, whether funded by my new employer or the government itself? And if so, what is the official name of it (Ordinary Paternity?) and how do I actually claim it?


Best answers:

  • No, on the dates you have given I'm afraid you are not entitled to ordinary paternity leave. The rules on eligibility are here: https://www.gov.uk/paternity-pay-leave/eligibility
  • Given that the HR manager confirmed this and then you took the job, I would say that it should be honoured. In the same way as as if they offered you say a first month fixed bonus or something along those lines.
    Speak to HR and explain that it was offered along with your offer of employment and therefore should be honoured as a condition of your employment.
  • Thought so Hawk, thanks for confirming.
    Lindsey, I've got at least a week off unpaid anyway, so it's no big deal, not worth making waves about. If they had turned round and said no leave under any circumstances I would have kicked off big time.
    The money aspect doesn't bother me in the slightest, I was more concerned with having some time, which I've got, extra cash would have been the sweetener, I could hardly turn down guaranteed employment just to get some paternity leave