22 Mar 2015

A question about : PastDue Credit Solutions letter


I'm hoping someone on here can help me out. I was on a Ј12 rolling month contract with 3 from May till October. Unfortunately my phone was stolen in Oct, so I went into the 3 store to cancell the contract and have the phone blocked.

Last month however, I recived a letter off PastDue Credit Solutions, stating they had bought my debt from 3 and I owed them Ј41.23! title=Mad
Of course, I was straight down to 3 to ask what the hell was it about seeing as I had cancelled the contract. (And it was paid up to date.) Straight on the phone to customer service (which I'm sorry, but I cannot stand!) Where they tried to tell me I didnt ask for the contract to be cancelled. Between myself and the extremely nice girl instore we found out that when I rang them on the 6th to report the theft and cancel the contract, they had suspended the contract instead of stopping it like i asked. Then when I rang them again on the 12th to ask the imei number (for the police report) they reinstated it!

Well, as I had cancelled the direct debit, they wernt getting paid. Then they tried to contact me on the cancelled number!!! Idiots....

The idiot I was speaking to in customer serv blatantly insisted I pay the debt even going as far as to say well m'am, I cannot do anything more for you but I can offer you a discount on an upgrade? ?????? title=Eusa After insisting to be put through to someone higher I finially got through to someone whom I told in no uncertain terms I would not be paying it and it needed to be sorted PRONTO. Which in fairness to him he did. Cleared the debit and told

I got his name and requested conformation in writing. Which I havnt had yet. Now this morning (Happy New Year btw) iv got another letter from them offering a reduced offer of Ј30.06.

Has anybody any advise to offer before I rip someone a new one down in 3 customer service? ?!!?
I want to send pastdue an email stating myself and three have sorted the matter and to sling thier hook. But havnt the foggiest how to put it politely. ?.

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