26 Feb 2015

PPC Letter Chains

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For current letter chains (October 2012 onwards), Click Here.

For pre-October 2012 tickets (and post-October 2012 tickets issued in Scotland), Click Here.

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26 Feb 2015

Parking Eye Court Action

A question about : Parking Eye Court Action


I posted this on another page but think it may be sensible to start it as a new thread.

I parked in a car park in October which had just been taken over by Parking Eye. It was on a Sunday and the cost of the car park was Ј5 for the day. I did not realise I had to pay as I was in a rush and had never had to pay previously on entering the car park. I did the exact same thing 2 weeks later as I had not received any correspondence from Parking Eye and was unaware I could not park for free.

26 Feb 2015

MSE News: Wheel clamping ban moves closer

A question about : MSE News: Wheel clamping ban moves closer

The Government is pressing ahead with plans to make clamping and towing-away on private land a criminal offence ...

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Wheel clamping ban moves closer


26 Feb 2015


A question about : Warning

Hi all!

I am posting/starting this thread to warn drivers of action I saw a member of APCOA staff take today.

APCOA - Who run my local train station parking placed a ticket on a car, and then walked off, when I returned and was waiting in my car for someones train to come in, a plain white van pulled up in front of the unattended car that received a ticket and pulled up close in front of him to box him in, even though he was not in/by his/her car, I can only think they did this to prevent anyone who came back driving off.