09 Mar 2015

ZZPS fine help

A question about : ZZPS fine help

Hi there,

At the back end of last year my car was parked regular space at my local train station before commuting to work.

Little did we know, an independent company had come in and set new regulations regarding where you can and cannot park within this carpark.

I returned that evening to find a pcn notice on the windshield, and that day I had taken my partners car instead of my own.

09 Mar 2015

Pre-paid parking, PCN charge.

A question about : Pre-paid parking, PCN charge.

Hi, my son has been parking in a pre-paid parking spot for the last 4 years ( paid by the company he worked for ) and has recived x3 PCN.s all seperate dates for a total of Ј310.00 for failing to fully displaying a valid permit.At the bottom of the letter it states that as a reputable operator it states that any charge connot be unreasonable or used as a penalty, considering payment had aready been made so the company ( Vinci park ) had not lost any money would he have grounds for appeal,
Many thanks.

09 Mar 2015

parkingticketappeals.org.uk scam?!

A question about : parkingticketappeals.org.uk scam?!

I received a parking ticket from ANPR limited and after browsing this website I decided to use parkingticketappeals.org.uk to fight it for me.

I have no received my notice to owner and emailed parkingticketappeals.org.uk to let them know and the email bounced. I then went on their website and it seems to have disappeared!

I have paid them Ј16 to fight it for me and now the company doesn't seem to exist and ANPR limited are demanding Ј100!

09 Mar 2015

G24 Parking "Ticket"

A question about : G24 Parking "Ticket"

I recently received a contractual parking charge because I parked late at night in a Wickes carpark to go to the gym next door, stayed there for 131 minutes and the permitted time was 90. I did not notice the signs.
After researching G24 I came across this site and read the Newbies thread.

I then sent the templated reply in said thread.

They replied with this:

RE: Contractual Parking Charge Notice 160150207012

Thank you for your email.

We respond as follows :