26 Feb 2015

A question about : parking eye fine

Got parking eye fine 16/12/13 and wirh advise i ignored it. Today got a letter telling to pay by 6/3/15 or they may send bayliffs round which then will cost extra 75 court costs n 275 for the heavies and thats on top of the 215 that they want now. What do i do ???

Best answers:

  • its not a fine...its an invoice
  • please start by reading through the 'newbie' thread
    it will answer all your questions and some you have not thought of yet
  • Had a look through but still not sure on what to do as this was over a year ago the first letter. Am i too late to appeal.
  • Unless you can reset the clock by naiming the driver as opposed to the RK, then yes there is little more you can do beyond sitting it out.
    In the meantime, do read-up on the LBCC/Court stage posts in the Newbies Sticky, so you know what to do if they do try to take action against you. It is fairly straightforward to defend and you will get plenty help if that happens.
  • when you are reading the 'newbie' thread pay particular attention to the debt collectors bit!