26 Feb 2015

best euro exchange rate?

A question about : best euro exchange rate?

Hi all,

Does anyone know where is the best place to buy euros at the best rate?

I would prefer to walk into a high street shop and purchase, but ordering online wouldn't be a problem.

I will be looking at buying Ј600 of euros

Thanks in advance

26 Feb 2015

GalaHotels.com has anyone used this site?

A question about : GalaHotels.com has anyone used this site?

Has anyone booked a hotel through GalaHotels.com? I received an email from them this week and the hotel prices look quite competitive. However I'm a bit wary of booking because of the prices and also there are no proper contact details i.e. address on the website.

26 Feb 2015

Airmiles Consolidation

A question about : Airmiles Consolidation

Hello, I have a small stash of Avios (7500), I have some Virgin miles and I have some Flying Blue miles, along with a stack of AMEX points (60,000). I want to put them into one scheme which should provide more chance of free flights; my choice would be Virgin to go to the States. Has anyone combined their miles before and what's the best scheme to go for? Thanks.

26 Feb 2015

shareing first class flight

A question about : shareing first class flight

My dear wife as said that if we go to Australia that she will only fly that distance first class only, which is ok by me ! , but during the flight would it be possible to exchange seats for a few hours if i was to go in economy class?, ok im not saying its going to really happen , but can it be possibly done?.