09 Mar 2015

Passport Office lead times

A question about : Passport Office lead times

Sent a passport renewal to Durham last Wednesday morning, signed for First Class. Assuming that landed in their PO Box sometime Thursday.

Signed for Friday morning in Durham, text message confirming receipt (i.e. envelope opened) receieved today (Tuesday).

That seems relatively quick. As up to 9 months can be added on to an existing passport which is expiring it may be worth sending yours now too in this quiet period (hopefully there wont be a repeat of Summer 2014 but who knows).

09 Mar 2015

Do you have to pay the deposit balance?

A question about : Do you have to pay the deposit balance?

A work colleague has paid a small deposit (Ј300) for a Ј6,000 holiday in August, with Ј1,100 to pay by the end of March (the rest payable in April)

A week after booking, they found out they are expecting a child and haven't got travel insurance arranged yet. They obviously can't go on the holiday, and are wondering if they HAVE to pay the Ј1,100 sum to Thomas Cook.

Bringing the holiday forward isn't an option due to work commitments.

09 Mar 2015

Travel insurance and disability-help please

A question about : Travel insurance and disability-help please

[Hi everyone.
I was just wondering if anyone knows of, or recommends a good company for travelling when you are disabled. I am mainly in a wheelchair following a back injury which damaged nerves, but I can walk a very short distance with crutches.Any good deals,please let me know-we are flying to Miami, then cruising round the Carribean for a week. Thanks.

09 Mar 2015

Need ideas for an awesome new year trip

A question about : Need ideas for an awesome new year trip

DH has a significant birthday at new year. Had always planned to take him to the Great Barrier Reef but he'd rather wait a while for that as we now have a small child.