09 Mar 2015

NHS Nurse messed up my travel vaccinations

A question about : NHS Nurse messed up my travel vaccinations

09 Mar 2015

Travel Insurance Article Discussion

A question about : Travel Insurance Article Discussion

In the MSE article the best value policy is called Platinum Premier, but the Direct Travel website has no mention of Platinum policies. Am I missing something?

Also, it looks like you can get 14% cashback through quidco for Direct Travel, MSE's best value policy.

09 Mar 2015

Road Trip

A question about : Road Trip

1279 miles according to google maps. Suppose I do around 400 miles a day, what suggestions for route, what to see, where to stay en route?

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09 Mar 2015


A question about : Lastminute.com

To all MSE

As many people are aware you are able to pick up great deals through lastminute.com and their 'secret hotels' scheme. However, there is currently no comprihensive list of Top Secret Hotels REVEALED - which is what this thread will aim to do!

Step 1: How to uncover top secret hotels

If you're not sure how top secret hotels work and how to uncover them see the Top Secret Hotels Revealed explanation in the main MSE hotels guide.

Now lets collate the London hotels