26 Feb 2015

Solicitor slow over probate

A question about : Solicitor slow over probate

I lost both my parents last year, title=Cry Dad in July, and Mum in September.

My husband is joint executor with their solicitor.

There were no inheritance tax complications over Dad's will, as he left everything to Mum.

26 Feb 2015

To put a property in "Trust."

A question about : To put a property in "Trust."

Being 60 years of age now I know there's going to come a time when I'll need looking after. I don't want to burden my children so I fully intend going into a care home. If a time comes that I have difficulty paying for my care, I don't want my home sold to pay for it - my home is my childrens inheritance.
My question is :
How do I put my property in trust for them, so its not taken away from me or my children to pay for my care ?

26 Feb 2015

Discounts for over 50s/60s

A question about : Discounts for over 50s/60s

Hi all

I have had a quick look to see if this has been posted before but cannot find it. Apologies if it has.

I went into my local Boots today and picked up a Healthclub and more leaflet, which when you register is giving up to Ј100 in money off vouchers to everyone, but if you are over 60 you can get a 10% discount on Boots brand products.

Sorry dont know how to post links but you can register online at

26 Feb 2015

house deeds storage

A question about : house deeds storage

Does anyone know where I can find a straight forward comparison of fees charged by banks and building societies for storage of house deeds please?

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