26 Feb 2015

Warm Front advice

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26 Feb 2015

Tenants in common

A question about : Tenants in common

Hi, a friend of mine has been advised to put her and her husband's house in Tenants in common, rather than joint names, this has been done with a Solicitor.

Apparently if one of you has to go in a home then they can only take half of the house when the time comes after you have both passed on, rather than the whole amount if it is necessary.

Has anybody done this? Also is it true that if you have dementia or Alzheimers etc, that you are not charged anything in a home of your choice.

Thank you, oap

26 Feb 2015

Have free bus pass, want to travel.

A question about : Have free bus pass, want to travel.

If you have a free bus pass and want to travel, like most other people, you are only familiar with the services within your borough/county. For example within Northants, there is a service X4 which runs between Peterborough & Milton Keynes, albeit through Kettering/Wellingborough/Northampton. This would be ideal for covering a fairly long distance free, something we are unable to do with coach operators.

26 Feb 2015

The Snug

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