25 Feb 2015

A question about : The Open University degree

hi, I have nearly finished my first year of ou courses and cant decide if to carry on. I suppose i just a dubious whether an employer would look on an Open University degree the same as a degree from a 'proper' university? I am planning(a few years down the line) to become a teacher, so would i still be able to use the degree to do initial teacher training in a school? And do you get a graded degree such as a 2:1 or 2:2?

Thanks peeps


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  • It often depends. Many employers will look on an OU degree very highly because you have to be so much more self-motivated to actually run the course. Does depend on subject however.
  • My DH did an OU degree to become a teacher.
  • I did an OU degree and received a classification after 360 points.
    You need to get 85% for a first.
    I went on to do postgraduate qualifications at a redbrick uni and was given a bursary on the strength of my OU degree. They are very highly respected in academia, and probably by most employers these days.
  • oh thanks everyone that has made me feel a lot more positive! I'm awaiting my results to DD100 an Introduction to social science at the mo, and im also 3/4 of the way through B200 Understanding business behavior so looks like i'll be booking next years couses now! thanks peeps
  • My first degree (dont ask )was with the OU and my employer valued it highly because it was done entirely in my own time so it showed dedication to education.
  • OU degrees are definitely really well-respected in most places. They show proven self-motivation and commitment which employers look favourably on. I know a lot of OU students who have gotten jobs even though they haven't finished their degrees, just on the strength that they are doing their degree via the OU.
    If you haven't already, get yourself on First Class and take a look around the OUSA conferences (via Signpost....please feel free to PM me if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about!!)
    *fingers crossed* will be doing my MSc with the OU next year
  • I am only on my first course, I am doing KX100 health and social care, and have already booked to do SK227 human biology which I am really looking forward too.
    I think OU degrees are respected as well because in my opinion they can be harder than normal degrees because you dont have a tutor there and then to ask questions, I can only contact my tutor though email (which takes days) or on a mbile.
  • I did my business studies degree through the OU, did both DD100 and B200. I have since learned that it was the fact that I had an OU degree as opposed to any other degree that got me my current job as opposed to the other applicant.
  • wow i didn't realise the ou was so valued! Ive just applied for a job as a teaching assistant part time so hopefully my open uni courses will help. Thanks everyone, i feel like im going somewhere now!
  • The course material of OU courses tends to be of a very high standard- comprehensive, well-researched and clearly presented etc. as it's aimed at independent (albeit supported learners). The clarity and quality of their materials means that other universities often use OU material as part of their own courses. My first degree was with the OU and I found it prepared me well for post grad study. I now teach uni students and have used OU materials with my students. DS uses them too (my old texts!!) at his 'traditional' university. I agree with other posters - employers recognise the extra mile that OU students have often had to take. Just one point - if you want to teach in the state school sector, you will need to make sure you cover a national curriculum subject as part of your degree in order to be accepted on to a PGCE course. Good luck with the rest of your studies.
  • Your OU degree will count well for going into teaching but if you want to be taken on to the GTP your degree must be in a national curriculum subject.
  • Wow! Lots of DD100 people here! I just finished TMA03 (the "exam" one) and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I've not got the result yet but I think it's going to drag down my average.
    Anyway, not sure whether I should create a new thread or not (I'm new here), but are there any deals that you can take advantage of through the OU? I'm a member or the OUSA and have the associated NUS card that I can use on the high street, but I was wondering if there are any other little perks that I hadn't found out about.
    I looked into getting a student loan to whack into a high interest savings account, but the OU will only lend on course fees and to my recollection don't offer an overly generous rate of interest, the SLC don't lend to OU students.
    I haven't yet taken a look into bank accounts, but I wonder if us OUers can take advantage of any available offers there....
  • Most student associations have reciprocal agreements, so you may be able to access your local university’s student associations buildings and facilities. I know Edinburgh Uni has an agreement with the OUSA so contact them to see where else they have agreements with.
    This goes for students of almost all universities, I found this quite useful when travelling round the UK as you can use things like their washing machines, some have internet cafes and they usually do cheap food too (not to mention the drinks ). Speak to your SA and they should be able to provide you with a list.
  • Hi
    I am in my final year of my OU degree. I passed my open degree last year and stayed on to obtain my hons but I can honestly say that from the people I have spoken to, the OU is thought very highly of. I went to my graduation day in Bham in June 06 and was presented my degree by Betty Boothwright (unsure of spelling sorry) she speaks very highly of the OU.
  • I have a 1st Class Hons degree from the OU (graduated 1999)
    It is held with regard by others, but most importantly I consider it to be one of my best achievements. Not ony did I learn lots, it taught me a lot about myself.
    We'd better not talk about the summer schools
  • dd100 was a fantastic course i learned alot from it ..certainly helped me think about carrying on
  • The OU has just been ranked the best university in the UK by students (again) in two seperate surveys
  • Im not sure this is a reply more a cry of help. I was ment to go to uni this year but decided against this as the student lifestyle doesnt seem to get on with me lol. I really want to get my degree however and hope to do this though the O U. Ive already done a beginers course so know how it works but will my age and the fact Ive chosen this route rather than attending a uni affect how employers view my ( hopefully achieved ) degree????:confused: