09 Mar 2015

Pension credit and council tax benefit

A question about : Pension credit and council tax benefit

My husband is currently receiving pension credit but at the end of the month this is changing to state pension instead. It looks as though we will then lose the council tax benefits which is worth about Ј150pm. Can you help. We have savings of about Ј14000 and I earn about Ј750pm. Our savings won't last very long if we have to use them for CT. any advice would be most helpful
Thank you

09 Mar 2015


A question about : HELP

Hi all......really need advice on the below!!!

Basically just had letting agent email me to say British Gas have forcibly entered my property (empty now as not got a tenant) and changed the front lock.

09 Mar 2015

is my son a british citizen?

A question about : is my son a british citizen?

hi me and the wife are both british born our oldest son was born in australia and we returned here when he was 3 months old.he had a british passport as a baby when we left oz.
is he a british citizen or do we need to do any thing


09 Mar 2015

Debenhams Sales Tactics

A question about : Debenhams Sales Tactics

Hoping for a little advice Re: Debenhams Sale, last weekend.
I ordered some glasses online, to be collected in store.
After payment was taken, I received an email, saying order was being processed and would be contacted shortly (18/11).
On 19/11 received new email saying order had been cancelled- unable to fulfil, payment refunded.
Went online today and items are back in stock, at full price again.