09 Mar 2015

Health and Safety Laws Re Accident Book

A question about : Health and Safety Laws Re Accident Book

Could someone help me with this, my daughter had an accident in a major department store. Staff where told, and acknowledged by the physical evdience of that happened.

I was in shock and had a very very upset child, when i have spoke with various people re the accident i was told due to Health and Safety law this should have been recorded.

I contacted the said store, and got a responce that i refused medical care thus this means it would not go in the book.

09 Mar 2015

Southern Electric gave me rebate by mistake... now they want it back

A question about : Southern Electric gave me rebate by mistake... now they want it back

Hello all, some advice needed please... a brief synopsis

I moved out of a property 7 months ago and gave a final meter reading. Some bright spark (title=Wink) at SE decided this was too high, and amended the total I sent them on their system to something they thought was more appropriate. This triggered an automated rebate of around Ј400, which I cashed a LONG time ago.

09 Mar 2015

International Car Movement

A question about : International Car Movement

Hello all,

I paid to have a vehicle shipped to the US. However between paying for it and the date it was arranged to be shipped the vehicle was involved in an accident and was quite seriously damaged.

I contacted the shipping company informing of this and that I wished to suspend the shipping until the vehicle was repaired. They were happy with this.

With the moving around that I was doing at the time the vehicle wasn't repaired and being overseas it slipped my mind with everything else going on.

09 Mar 2015

My Rights as a Tenant

A question about : My Rights as a Tenant

Hi Guys,

Here's the suitation I've been living in my council flat for 2 years, and since day number one my flat has got serious damp coming in via the roof. I've reported it to the council so many times, and they just come back and say it condensation. But now I've literally got water dripping down off the ceiling in my Living Room - Kitchen and Bed room. The other night I was sleeping, and I was woke up half way through the night with water dripping onto my face.