09 Mar 2015

conveyancing bill

A question about : conveyancing bill

09 Mar 2015

Landlord Won't Return Deposit

A question about : Landlord Won't Return Deposit

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09 Mar 2015

Default Notice for Early payment

A question about : Default Notice for Early payment

I'm not entirely sure this is even Legal, but Natwest bank have issued (well, skipped the default notice, actually) a termination of account letter because i paid early! I have a payment plan that Natwest have agreed to and i have stuck to religiously and because i have been paying two or three weeks early, according to the Natwest representative, does not class as a payment because the computer does not recognise it as a payment. Is this Legal and what do i do about it? I have not missed one payment since 2009.

09 Mar 2015

Fly Tipping Dispute

A question about : Fly Tipping Dispute


Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but hopefully it is.

We moved house in March of this year, on the day we moved we left a small wooden shelf unit in the bin store, and contacted the council to arrange collection. Another resident noticed us leaving the unit, and demanded we take our rubbish with us, I explained that I had contacted the council and he left.