09 Mar 2015

A question about : Official Trying to Conceive

This is the new thread for those trying for a baby.
The previous one is here:

Please be aware that this is a thread for those trying to conceive. If you wish to announce a pregnancy and you have never used this thread before, please use the less than 12 weeks pregnant thread. Hormones can run high on here (nature of the thread!) so please be sensitive. Many thanks!

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Those with * used Preseed/Conceive Plus

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Link to abbreviations courtesy of MadMac from previous threads - http://www.tryingtoconceive.com/abbrevs.htm

The most common ones are:

AF - Aunt Flo (period)
BFP - Big Fat Positive (+ on home pregnancy test)
BD - Baby dance (making babies)
CBFM - Clearblue fertility monitor
CD - Cycle date (CD1 is the 1st day of period)
DPO - Days past ovulation (if ovulation was on CD15, then that is 0DPO, CD16 is 1DPO)
HPT - Home Pregnancy Test
IC - Internet cheapie (IC OPKs, hpts)
NTNP - Not trying not preventing (pregnancy)
OV - ovulation
OPK - ovulation predictor kits
SBDTA - Sticky baby dust to all
SS - symptom spotting title=Eusa
Temp - temperature (BBT)
TLP - Tiny little positive (faint positive on pregnancy test)

Also, an useful website telling you when to test, when you are ovulating and how the egg is developing etc found by Smash7 is here: http://www.pregnology.com

This website is also useful http://www.pregnancyloss.info/sperm_meets_egg_plan.htm
It details the Sperm Meets Egg Plan (SMEP) which some have found helpful in conceiving.

Some TMI cm pics here:

Drugs you can take when pregnant
Vitamins and minerals that can aid conception and pregnancy

Sensitivity of home pregnancy tests (lower = more sensitive, earlier results)
Superdrug Own Brand (pink box - states can use 4 days before late AF on box) 10mIU
First Vue dip tests (poundland) - 25mIU
One step midstream (ALDI) - 25mIU
Clearblue - 25mIU
Clearblue Digital - 50mIU
First response early response - 12.5mIU
Boots own brand - 25mIU/50mIU
Sainsburys own - 15mIU
Tesco own - 25mIU
ASDA own - 25mIU
CBD with conception indicator - 25mIU

There is no such thing as a silly question, so please ask anything you are curious about. Many of us have 'been there done that' and many of our graduates still read this thread and are happy to offer advice when it is needed and relevant.

As with everything deemed medical, we cannot offer medical advice, so please visit or call your GP if you have any concerns or questions. Getting a preconception check up is recommended and allows your GP to know that you're trying for a baby as well as identifying and rectifying any issues or problems that may interfere with a pregnancy before you conceive.

Best answers:

  • New year, new thread - hopefully this means a new lot of BFPs!! (as I made the thread does that mean I get the first one of the year? )
    Hope everybody had a good New Year! Now get BD'ing!!

  • ooo shiny new thread! Thanks Lulu...please can I be added to list? TTC since 09/14
    Also, I am CD5 - had a 24 day cycle and 2 AFs in a month - relinquishing any hope of a Dec BFP! Oh well new year new start.
    Here's to lots of BFPs in 2015!!!
  • Thanks for the new thread lulu
    Can I please be updated as CD1 nice present to start the new year... Not!!
    Wishing all those testing soon lots of luck fingers crossed x
    Oh and happy new year all hope it's filled with lots of BFPs
  • Happy new year everyone!
    Thanks for the new thread lulu, hope it brings us all lots of luck.
    Just realised I never got added to the front page so if you wouldn't mind:
    saver-j TTC #1 since 11/14
    I'm going to think positive and guess5BFP for January.
  • Since it's a new thread, you may wish to remove all of the 'Thread Graduates' from the last thread. Just a suggestion, and it isn't a must.
  • Do we really need another TTC thread cluttering the page? There is already 2 more on page 1. 3 on page 1 is a bit ridiculous.
  • Shen, this one is designed to replace one of the others - thread 11.
  • added your lovely selves ellesbelles and saver-j
    Mrs_T_M I've removed the graduates but kept the December BFPs (so it doesn't look too bare!)
    How's everyone doing today?
  • Thanks so much
  • Fair enough, I have left the link to this new thread on the old one so hopefully it will get buried soon enough anyway. Obviously in the first few posts on a new thread there will be some crossover which will die down soon enough.
    Does it not irk you seeing 3 different kinds of pregnancy thread and a newborn thread?
  • It irks me that you clicked on it to comment
  • Thanks Mrs_T_M you are a star
    So I'm CD32 and officially 1 day late. I'm assuming AF will make her appearance today but if she hasn't by the time I finish work I will go buy a test.
    Ordered 5 ICs off amazon last night. Didn't realise I had 44p left on a gift card so they were 96p! bargain!
  • Oooooh shiny new thread! I'm on CD3 today :-( and have been TTC since 9-14
    This year is totally gonna be our year, I can just feel it :-) Was talking to one of my best girliefriends yesterday about the future, let slip that we are planning on having a family 'at some point' but I think it's freakin obvious that we're TTC, I just don't like talking to people about it :-) EXCEPT YOU GUYS OBVS ;-D
  • Thanks for starting the new thread Lulu...
    Weird ov pains here today, too early this cycle surely?!!? Day 16-18 was looking "normal" for me, temps are higher than usual too... still it's only cycle 2 of temping, so maybe it needs a little longer to establish a pattern.
    Babydust to all xx
  • sorry to hear about AF dotty
    I have a small group of friends that know we are TTC. Out of the 4 that know 3 of them are pregnant! I had a big drunken NYE cry to OH about it when we got home, so 2015 is our year too
    I would assume, cherry, that it'd take longer to establish a pattern. I won't be temping unless I've not caught by April. fingers crossed for you xx