26 Feb 2015

A question about : ntl Price Increases

Not sure if this has been covered before:

ntl increased their TV pack prices (amongst other things) from 23rd May 2004.

I received a letter from their Director of Television in April detailing these changes. In that letter, a mention was made of a Ј3 discount for the first two months.

When my last bill came in, there was no sign of this discount, and when I telephoned their customer support they had no inkling of this discount.
I was asked to fax the letter, and it was only after another call to CS did I manage to get a rebate (admittedly they increased the rebate to Ј5 for each month).

But they had also charged me for the Analogue Set Top Box rental (Ј7), which according to the above letter, was included in the TV Pack price.

So they were overcharging me by Ј10 for the two months, and then would have been Ј7 per month afterwards.

I do believe that they must try this on and see if any customers notice.

Check your bill if you have a similar service from ntl.

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