25 Feb 2015

A question about : not updating address after property purchase

hello all

just wondering if you can help me. have completed on a property purchase however will be doing work on it for a few months and i am also going away for work for around 3-4 weeks.

Therefore as I do not want post going to an unoccupied property for 3-4 months, i have not updated my address with my other banks/phone company etc (and left them all at my parents address where i lived prior to purchase plus where will be staying whilst work is being done on new home).

Will this cause any problems in the meantime credit report wise as only thing that will be registered to the new address is the mortgage and a bank account that i also have with the mortgage co (as this was changed automatically).

Also how do I ensure that the new address account shows on my credit reports - will it automatically appear as a linked address?

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