09 Mar 2015

A question about : no benefits

my husband has been off work for some time after back surgery.
he has certs from the gp stating he is unable to work, he was getting esa money but that stopped after a year. he has had a work medical assesssement and they state he is fit to work, albeit he gets no money whatsoever. we live on my wage which is the minimum wage. we get no benefits at all, i get working tax credit.
he is unable to get disability benefits, even though i am doing his personal care for him.
he has worked for 40 years non-stop, but at the moment is unfit.
they state he is not able to get anymore esa so we are appealing against this.
any advice would be welcolme.
thank you

Best answers:

  • Lantrip can I ask if you exhausted the appeals process? There is a lot of advice over on the benefits board. Ignore any benefit bashing that goes on, you'll get plenty of good advice over there.
  • waiting for an appeal now
  • Gather as much evidence as you can now. Especially specialist letters etc.