09 Mar 2015

A question about : NHS Nurse messed up my travel vaccinations

Hi everyone I am due to go to vietnam on 18th March but have had a problem with the Twinrix Hep A and B vaccination basically my nurse has made a mistake with my accelerated schedule Twinrix vaccine and instead of receiving doses on 0, 7, 21 I have received my doses on days 0, 21, and had my final dose today when I went in to discuss the error 13 days after my last dose. (I know I should of checked before but had a lot on my mind and only found out when I checked for the next appointment and she had written it for a Saturday (where the clinic is closed)

so now I am thinking that I am not protected from this, I am most worried about Hep A as I plan to eat a lot of shellfish and seafood as well as street food etc. I know the regular schedule (not accelerated which is what I was supposed to have) is 0, 1 month, 6 months. and I have read that the protection is quite high with even just 2 doses however seeing as I had a dose in-between I really don't know how that would effect it? If any nurses here could help!!!


Best answers:

  • Firstly, it is against the rules of this site to give health advice, so if anyone answers your question then their reply should be deleted.
    Secondly, I think your subject line is unfair and exaggerated: this is a small detail rather than ruining your entire holiday.
    My suggestion is that you have a word with your GP, or even spend some money getting advice from a travel health service such as MASTA.
    Incidentally, for most people Hepatitis A is not a life-threatening disease, and it is only in recent years that vaccinations against it have been available. I travelled widely without this protection, instead taking the other precautions that my doctor recommended, and was always fine. OTOH Hep B and Hep C can kill you: they are difficult to catch, and while there is a vaccine against Hep B (I never bothered with it because I do not indulge in high-risk behaviours) there is no vaccine against Hep C, which is caught in the same way.
    In short: if you are worried then get proper medical advice, and if not then just be sensible and enjoy your holiday.
  • and I know it is not life threatening however do not want to possibly spend my holiday vomiting and turning yellow thanks
  • and I spoke to MASTA who advised me to contact Glaxo smith Kline so im not sure just wanted to know the effects a mid way vaccination could have (in between one month)
  • I doubt whether anyone at GSK will answer your question. Your GP is the person responsible for your medical treatment, go to them, explain what has happened, and insist that they get you the answer.
    I created a spreadsheet in advance for all my SE Asia vaccination timings just to avoid this sort of muddle.