09 Mar 2015

A question about : New bathroom to be fitted, How many maximum days should it take ??

If a new shower room is to be fitted, which is a small one (2 meters x 3 meters)

It is a small bathroom, which consists of a shower, tiled wall, tiled floor, loo, sink, ceiling to be replastered as well (ie small roof area). There is no tub, and everything new will be in the same position as before.

Then for a builder to rip out the old one (and everything, tiles, loo, basin, old shower trey etc) and for them to fit everything else new (after chosen)

How many days a job does this sound it should be?
how many days should it not take any longer than?

(as many folks have had this done before, and we know it depends on diff builders, but how many days?)

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