09 Mar 2015

A question about : Is my local/authority/coucil negligent

The flat upstairs from me has been empty for some time now, over 18 month ago someone went through the close loft and managed to get into the flat above me and stole the copper and at the same time flooded my house quite badly, that time the council gave me around Ј200 compensation(what a joke). Then in September the same thing happened(entered through loft again) again ruining wallpaper, 2 carpets, lino,kitchen blinds, and bathroom curtain. They say they are not negligent but I say they are as an alarm should have been installed the first time that it happened(they have 1 in now). Ps. I live in Scotland

Best answers:

  • You really need to speak to a solicitor.
  • It's not clear from your post, does that empty flat belong to the council? If not, then I don't see what they have to do with it, or why they would have given you compensation in the first place. If it is a council property then go to your councillor and ask him/her to investigate why a flat has been left unoccupied for so long, when I'm sure there will be a lengthy waiting list.
  • Do you have contents insurance? This should cover the damage.