09 Mar 2015

New System Boiler

A question about : New System Boiler

Hi Guys,

Long time lurker but first-time poster. Just after a bit of advice. We're having an extension built and as part of this we are replacing an old heating system with Combi boiler to have a new system boiler with storage tank.

We're not really worried about the make of the storage tank but I assume we'll probably buy the same brand as the boiler that we get if that makes sense.

09 Mar 2015

Central heating problem (Salus RT500RF)

A question about : Central heating problem (Salus RT500RF)

Hi. We have a problem with the heating - it ain't coming on! The hot water is fine though, so presumably it's not the boiler. Here's what happens...

The central heating is controlled by a radio controller (Salus RT500RF - their reputation is apparently... mixed, let's say). It has a timer and also manual override, neither of which work the way they should.

09 Mar 2015

insulating/anti condensation paint

A question about : insulating/anti condensation paint

Due to condensation problems in our living room we need to redecorate the room. In the past I have bought thermacover insulating additive to add to our paint. I can't seem to get it as cheaply as before from amazon, but now question whether it is worth buying this type of additive at all.

09 Mar 2015

New gas boiler

A question about : New gas boiler