09 Mar 2015

K Rendering

A question about : K Rendering

We have recently built a single storey side and rear extension to our house and are thinking of having it K Rendered. We live in the Croydon area and would like to know if anyone can give us an idea of costs per sq metre and labour costs. Thank You

09 Mar 2015

Quite urgent. Boiler keeps firing up even when Off

A question about : Quite urgent. Boiler keeps firing up even when Off


Please can someone help?

I have a Potterton Suprima boiler. I had set the hot water and central heating to go off at 0820hrs this morning, which it did (as in the lights on the control box has gone off and also the lights on the valves have gone off). The heating is definitely off though as the radiators have gone cold.

09 Mar 2015

Cracks in ceiling

A question about : Cracks in ceiling

I have recently been to look at an end terrace house to buy. The property has been empty for about eight months. Whilst it looks very tidy outside, most of the ceilings are artexed and are cracked. Some just hairline but one room in particular, downstairs has cracked in the middle of the room.

09 Mar 2015

TV Licence article Discussion

A question about : TV Licence article Discussion

The article lays down the requirements for owning a licence very clearly, however the organisation (a company called Capita) which the BBC employs to maximise revenue from TV licences uses some rather heavy handed tactics in following its remit.