09 Mar 2015

boiler timer stops (loosing time)

A question about : boiler timer stops (loosing time)


For the past week ive noticed my boiler for GCH is not coming on the time ive set it to come. its a valiant combi boiler ecotech with a mechanical timer ones with pins you move in and out to set time etc.

Ive noticed its loosing about 30-40 mins. as the time is always 30-40mins behind after 24 hours?

its set to come on at 6am, I check in the morning at 6.10am today to see the time on it was 5.40..after fixing the time I checked it again this eve at 6.20 pm and again the time was 5.45...

09 Mar 2015

Name that coving profile

A question about : Name that coving profile

I'm currently renovating a small 2 bed victorian terrace (circa 1880) and would like to repair/replace the coving as we move into 'making good' stage... currently we have a weird mix of coving styles in different rooms, and a lot of it looks to have been repaired (very poorly) at some stage.

I'm wandering wether the coving seen here might be the original coving:

09 Mar 2015

basic decoration and renovation

A question about : basic decoration and renovation

Seen a place I like...1 bed flat that I hope to offer on.

But I need to make some changes. I don't have the time or skill for DIY so ill get professionals in.

As a guide I want to

- change laminate flooring in lounge and small hall to wood veneer

- change carpet in bedroom to wood veneer

- remove carpet from bathroom floor to tiles. ..no idea of colours. ..suggestions welcome. ..and then most likely replace with new toilet sink and bath

09 Mar 2015

Redring Slimline 650 Shower Dripping

A question about : Redring Slimline 650 Shower Dripping

We recently moved into a new house and the shower constantly drips water from behind the hose. OH has had a look inside it today and says it is leaking from the pressure switch. I did a little research and a lot of these problems are caused by a blown PRV, OH says it isn't that but I asked how does he know what a blown PRV looks like.

Any hekp appreciated. Don't want to go out and buy a new shower if it's fixable.

It's an electric shower