26 Feb 2015

A question about : MSE News: Nectar points cut in half at Sainsbury's and points for bag reuse scrapped

From 11 April 2015, Nectar card holders will earn only one point for every Ј1 spent at Sainsbury's...

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Nectar points cut in half at Sainsbury's and points for bag reuse scrapped


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  • Its a freebie at the end of the day so im not overly bothered but I have been spending on fuel and food at sainsburys for 2 years and still do not have enough for 1 weeks worth of shopping.
  • I don't think Sainsbury's have anything to worry about. Tesco have gradually devalued the Clubcard over the last five or six years and, in the process, used almost identical spin to that which Sainsbury's are using now.
    And just look how well they are doing!
  • I am not willing to give up my personal data for 0.5% but was for 1%. And if I am not getting the 1% then I may well not bother to shop at Sainsburys at all; clubcard points are already worth 2-4% compare that to 0.5% and it is a no brainer.
    Sains have also dropped Tesco from their price match promise rather than adding Morrisons.
    I think they will find that penny pinching like this against their loyal customers (by definiton nectar users are loyal) will cost them more in lost sales than they make back by saving 0.5% - don't forget those big out of town superstores represent a large sunk cost, they can't just scale back variable costs to maintian profits if utilisation falls.
    If like me you don't like it it is probably worth letting them know on their social media pages.
  • The value of loyalty points at Tesco and Boots can drive a decision to shop there as they are good. Nectar was always poor in comparison and now will be even worse. Compare Tesco's half price delivery saver deal, better points/rewards and the unwillingness of Sainsbury's to match Tesco on price any more and I think we could slowly see Tesco come back to strength while not entirely sure what Sainsbury's are trying to achieve.
  • Anything is a bonus, I don't shop based on rewards so anything that accrues is a nice.
    Shame about the reusing bag ones. I think it could be about laws to start charging for plastic bags as it will mean the majority of people will be re-using anyway and the points aren't the incentive so fair dues.
  • We have used Sainsbury's for years and have used our Nectar points for free hotel nights through Expedia, which saves us money on our holidays. We have always preferred Sainsbury's over Tesco or Asda as I think their meat and fruit/veg is better quality, however, lately Sainsbury's online have made a lot of mistakes and have a lot of out of stock items, plus they keep changing pack sizes. Time to move over to Ocado come April, there is nothing to keep me loyal to Sainsbury's now.
  • Amounts to a 0.5% price increase on almost everything they sell.
    Add that to taking Tesco out of their brand match (scared of the Tesco price cuts), only matching ASDA unlike ASDA who match to 10% less than Sainsbury prices and they don't have much going for them - expect profit warnings and falling sales.
  • Dont buy much from there anyway but dont think its a good way to go and wont help them get any more people shopping there.
    I"ll be shopping even more in Aldi as take credit cards now and mine is a cashback one.That is the way to go!
  • I seem to get Double Nectar Points a lot, because of the coupons. I have a fuel only Double Nectar Point coupon right now.
    Really scored big a few months ago, spent Ј250, got ~500 points.
    So if everybody is getting double points, they have to halve its value.
  • So the bonus points will be for some completely random stuff you have never purchased or anything similar. For example 100 bonus points for hair colouring products?
    Whatever next, making radical changes to their Ј3 meal-deal to exclude many more products?
  • We buy all our petrol at Sainsburys. It's always the same price as the local Asda but nectar points give them the edge. Occasionally buy work clothes from there when they have their 25% off sales. Our food shop is always at Aldi/Lidl/Farmfoods.