09 Mar 2015

A question about : MSE EE broadband deal : We want your feedback

Hi all,

In our broadband guide EE is in our top picks.

We're after feedback from people who have applied this offer and want to know your experience and if you had any trouble getting the broadband.

Thanks for all help in advance

Best answers:

  • Hi David, I registered for the offer about 6 weeks ago (the Amazon voucher was Ј100 at that time). Very straightforward, cancelled my talk talk account, requested the MAC code, no problem, passed MAC code to EE. New router arrived on time, switch over was painless, paid my line rental upfront as per the terms of the deal and I'm now enjoying broadband with no hiccups for Ј2.50 a week. I'm delighted. Customer service was great from EE.
  • Hi. Delighted to share my experiences of the EE/Amazon offer, which I took when it was highlighted on Martin's weekly email.
    I moved house back in spring and couldn't take my existing service with me (the new home is not in a Virgin Media area). I applied on line for the EE offer and completed the forms on 16th April. I chose to pay a year's line rental in advance in order to keep costs as low as possible. My router arrived very quickly, but my connection date was given as 2nd May. And, indeed, on 2nd May the service was connected.
    The broadband service isn't too bad and I have had very few drop-outs. I am getting speeds of 10 to 12 Mbps and the router itself gives very good coverage throughout the house.
    My only problem was the Ј120 of Amazon vouchers. After three months I had heard nothing, so contacted EE for assistance and they initially told me to contact MSE. When I queried this, they said to contact Amazon instead. Their customer service team clearly knew nothing about the offer, nor what to recommend to customers when they made an enquiry. In this respect, I would say EE scored 0/10 for customer service.
    However I found another thread on the MSE forums which pointed me towards the company handling the promotion on behalf of EE (you'd think that EE could have given me the same information). A few emails, some additional information, and I've just had confirmation that the Ј120 will be paid this month. This promotion company were excellent in their service and I always had prompt, polite, clear replies. If EE scored 0/10 then this company was worth 10/10.
    So in summary, despite some problems along the way, I am very happy with my broadband which is effectively costing me a few pounds a month including line rental. Whether I stay with them in a year's time remains to be seen - there may be better offers out there.
  • I signed up for this deal earlier this year and my 'go live' date was 30 April. This meant that the Ј120 Amazon voucher should have been sent to me by 30 July.
    I signed up for the line rental saver and received a confirmation e-mail. When I received my first bill, it showed a monthly charge, so I contacted EE. The person I spoke to advised that it could take a month or two for the the line saver to be shown, but I was definitely signed up to it and would receive the discount. I was told the same thing on subsequent months until early August, when I was told that I wasn't signed up for line saver (even though I had an e-mail proving that I was)
    I was less than happy with this and my call was transferred to Customer Retention. The person I spoke to tried to fob me
    off with an offer of 3 x Ј4.75 credit for previous months and setup Line Saver rental from then on (so I'd enter a new 12 month contract) I advised that I wasn't happy with this and I wanted the Line Saver deal back dated to my contract start date.
    The CSA I spoke to checked with a manager than advised they
    weren't able to do this. I asked to speak to a manager and was to have to wait 48 hours for a manager call .
    I advised that this wasn't acceptable and demanded to speak to the manager. CSA then told me that his manager wasn't in, so I asked to speak thee manager that he had just spoken to. He tried to fob me off again and I insisted.
    My call was then transferred to Ben Sawyer, manager of Pre-Live Cancellations team. After much argument, he offered to credit my account with 3 x Ј4.75 in respect of the May, June and July bills and place a recurring credit onto my account for the
    next 9 months so the effect would be as if I had Line Saver. I agreed to this and asked for written confirmation, which he was unable to issue.
    When I received my next bill, the credits had been correctly applied. However, I spent approximately 2 hours on the phone between May and August and only got the result I did through sheer force of personality (i.e. I shouted a lot) I shouldn't have had to insist that EE honour a contract that they had entered into with me - a lot of people would have given up or been persuaded into extending their contract to get the line saver.
    The Amazon voucher has yet to materialise. On 31 July, I contacted eevouchers@affiliatewindow.com to advise that I hadn't received my vouchers. I received a reply from Harry.McFarlane@affiliatewindow.com asking for my DKI order reference, which I provided on 15 August. A few days later, Harry e-mailed to say: I have asked Amazon to resend your voucher, please check your spam/junk folders and general inbox. It will be with you in the next couple of days, hope this helps.
    I haven't received my vouchers yet and follow up e-mails to Harry have gone unanswered. I have also contacted Amazon, but they are unaware of a request for vouchers to be sent to me.
    All in all, I don't feel that Martin Lewis / MoneySavingExpert should be promoting EE / Affiliate Window as they don't seem to think it is necessary to honour contracts and offers made.
  • I have just signed up with EE to take advantage of the Ј120 Amazon Voucher - now I am having concerns. EE rang me and during the conversation I asked about the Ј120 voucher offer - they are not accepting any responsibility. Amazon say the same. I have emailed eevouchers@affiliatewindow.com, no reply so far.
    I am really surprised that MSE are not helping in this matter. You give advice and then, it seems, you wipe your hands of it. Shame on you. Are you going to do the decent thing and get involved to ensure your readers are treated well.
  • I very nearly pulled the trigger on this deal.
    Fortunately I read these websites before I made my decision.
  • Hi all
    First of all I wanted to say that I have been using MSE for years and use it as a reliable, quick and impartial source of information. Recently, users on the forums have been great help to me also.
    I do have some thoughts about the EE Broadband deal which I would like to share. Please feel free to set me straight if I am being unfair or misguided in any way.
    Having just purchased my first property, I came to MSE to look at sourcing the cheapest broadband deal. Having read the EE offer, and trusting MSE (I can do my own research when required using comparison sites etc, but why re-invent the wheel?) I decided to plump for the EE offer with Ј120 Amazon Voucher, as this seemed like a no-brainer, being equivalent to less than Ј5/month, accompanied as it was by blurb about being 'staggeringly cheap' etc. Furthermore, I even got my partner signed up to it last Sunday as well, in her flat.
    Note that I didn't do much other research, other than a precursory glance at broadbandchoices website (and I make no apologies for this, as this is what I thought MSE was for). Yesterday I happened to notice that Quidco are offering Ј130 cashback for taking out the same deal, and have been for some time. Now I know that cashback is not guaranteed, but this seems to be through an affiliate link that takes you to a dedicated EE / Quidco page, and in my mind the cashback seems extremely likely to track (98% according to Quidco).
    To me Ј130 cash is a much better offer than a Ј120 Amazon voucher, particularly reading on the forums the difficulty people are having receiving their vouchers.
    I know I will probably get flamed for this, and buyer beware, DYOR etc, but I do feel as I was misled slightly, to my detriment. I know MSE does make money from clicks through and is open about this, but I can't help but feel that it was money talking on this occasion. Or is this because of a policy to not ever count cashback in a deal as read, because it is not guaranteed?
    Grateful for others' thoughts. Not sure I will cancel for the sake of Ј10 (or effectively Ј20 if you include my partner)...but it has been a salutory lesson... Oh and yes, I'm pretty skint at the moment, so every tenner does make a difference!
  • Having had Ј100 of Sainsburys vouchers on a card, and the Love2shop vouchers, I am fed up with the restrictions. In anticipation of Ј120 Amazon vouchers, I was checking on Amazon for something I would buy.
    For a Fujifilm XQ1 compact camera, the best prices I could find on the internet:
    Amazon Ј269.
    Jessops Ј219.00 ( Ј269 - Ј50 cashback)
    Allgain Ј218.52
    eGlobalCentral Ј199.99
    As it turns out, I was passing through China, and got one for about Ј180.
    So, buying on Amazon at Ј269 is Ј89 more than what I actually paid. I could put this towards the Anytime Calls add-on and get a year's worth of free calls, if that is indeed what the Ј130 Quidco deal is.
  • 3 months and counting now and have not received the Ј100 Amazon voucher, feel let down as this was a key incentive for me to sign up.
    MSE promoted this therefore can you help to make EE deliver there promise.
  • Ordered the deal on 15th August. There was a snarl up in the connection which meant we weren't connected until middle of September. Broadband seems fine, no problems watching iPlayer, Netflix, Youtube etc. Bit concerned about the Amazon voucher as I've heard nothing and lots of people seem to be having problems.
  • Poor experience. EE initially didn't bother to take over my old number from Sky so I had to use a different number until they could retrieve it - which I had to chase them to do.
    No Amazon voucher has materialised after 4 months. Affiliatewindow said it hadn't tracked but were putting it in line to be actioned at the beginning of September. Since then, no response from them. I'm currently hoping they are going to respond to my post of 17 October in the other thread...
  • Ordered fibre broadband with EE 20 September and supplied a MAC code. Despite emails and posted confirmation from EE telling me it would all happen in 13 days nothing has happened by 20 Oct. Two phone calls to get through and after waiting 20 mins both times I find out the MAC code has expired and they want another. Fortunately I have not paid any money (although I elected to pay line rental a year in advance) and so I have decided to cancel. Asked to hold whilst they put me through to cancellations, sorry no!
    Regardless of a good deal and Amazon voucher any company that cannot or do not have the capacity to process new orders in a timely fashion do not have my confidence.
    If they can't action orders what will happen if theres a problem? Id rather not risk being without broadband or worse a phone line!
  • Appalling! They've even breached their own T&Cs. Expected to wait 18days+ for BB after their error! - After waiting 10 days for switch over, now expected to wait a further 9 days with no BB - with old Supplier terminated BB due to EE supposedly supplying it! (Have started a separate thread - didn't see this one). Oh and they apparently can't even cancel my non-broadband! 'Customer services' dreadful - takes over 20mins on hold before even talking to someone and just transferred from department to department!
  • Hi,
    I saw the EE deal offer in martins money tips bulletin back in early September. I only had line rental at this time (which I paid Ј8.49pm for) and needed broadband as I am starting an online course soon so I needed to get broadband set up. I have very limited finances and on looking around I was struggling to find a provider who I could get line rental and broadband with for under Ј18 a month which was my budget limit. I saw the EE offer on MSE and thought it would be perfect, especially with the Ј100 amazon cashback being offered at the time. I don't ever use my home phone as I have a mobile contract where I make all my calls so I knew that all I would need was line rental and broadband. The offer at that time was Ј132 for 12 months line rental if you bought it up front plus Ј2.50 per month for the broadband = Ј162 for the year, well within my budget so I signed up online. I even phoned EE afterwards to make sure it had gone through OK and to check that I was only going to be charged Ј162 for the lot. The rep I spoke to confirmed that this was correct but I would have to pay for any weekday or mobile phone calls I made on top each month. I said that was fine as I don't use my home phone at all and so as far as I was aware, I was going to get a one off charge of Ј162 and that would pretty much be the end of it for the next 12 months.
    I had heard nothing from EE until I got an e mail to say my broadband was going live on 24th Sept and a router/box would be sent to me by 23rd Sept. I did eventually get the router (though not until a week later as they had delivered it to the wrong address and the people were away on holiday so didn't pass it to me until they got back).
    I began using the internet and thought nothing more of it until 15th October when I got an e mail to say my first bill had come through. I went online to check the bill expecting to see a charge of Ј162 and the bill showed a charge of Ј181.95 which had been taken from my bank the day before on 14th Oct. I immediately phoned EE and after some time eventually got through to someone who advised me that I had signed up for a deal that would cost me Ј132 for annual line rental plus Ј30 connection plus Ј19.95 per month for 20mb broadband and weekend landline calls. I explained this was not what I had ordered and that I had expected to get the deal I saw advertised through MSE because I had signed up through the MSE link as instructed. I was told that if I had been mis-sold this would need to be investigated and I have to wait up to 2 weeks to hear back from their 'mis-sale' team. If I don't hear I can call them back after 2 weeks and try again.
    What a nightmare! I am certainly not in a position to pay any more than the Ј162 I budgeted for initially let alone another Ј19.95 every month just for 20mb broadband and weekend calls I wont ever use!! I was so upset and feel very frustrated that I can do nothing about it until they call me back! I am at least grateful I called them after I signed up as they are supposedly going to search for my call as it should have been recorded but as it it is not in their interests to be proven wrong, I am convinced my call won't be found!
    I just don't know what to do now - please help ?????