09 Mar 2015

A question about : MSE and Sky 40% plus Ј100 Credit Deal

Does anyone know if the Ј100 credit that is added to your first bill is applied to the subscription payments?

If this is case, when taking the original bundle there would be nothing to pay for six months.


Best answers:

  • I got a Ј25 bill credit when I "negotiated" with Sky after cancelling -it was applied to the 1st bill, reducing the cost to a few pence.
  • I've been wondering the same thing. Is it Ј100 credit added to the bill for the first month only or until the Ј100 has been used up over the following months?
  • It goes into your account until used.
    I had a Ј50 credit, last year, when paying up front for line rental and this meant free calls for 10 months.
  • The Ј125 credit was applied to my Sky account.
    Monthly amount is Ј19.80 = Ј33 - Ј13.20 (40% off)
    My first bill is Ј105.20 in credit,
    because Ј105.20 = Ј125 - Ј19.80
    So nothing to pay for about five more months.
    Actually, I would much rather they pay the money to my bank, and then take the money monthly by direct debit. Santander 123 gives cashback for DDs.
    The Family Pack seems to be a sweet spot in terms of value for money.
    I am paying Ј149 extra for the 2TB Sky+HD, which I intend to keep as a PVR after I cancel, by paying the monthly fee. Full price is Ј499!