26 Feb 2015

Get yourself a 'Mortgage Pig'

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I decided a while ago that I really wanted my mortgage paid off. It wasn't very large to start with admittedly, but it wasn't coming down as quickly as I would have liked.

As the mortgage was one of those background constants that just gets paid every month without thinking about it, I figured that if it was in front of us and on our minds more, we might make more of an effort to collect more money to chuck at it.

So......I got a mortgage pig.

26 Feb 2015


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Thought I'd get things going. Unfortunately I don't have a mortgage so this will probably be my last post.

I am renting by the way, I have not paid one off!

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26 Feb 2015

Should I pay off my mortgage discussion

A question about : Should I pay off my mortgage discussion

Good article, and very useful to link to when the next Don't pay off your mortgage Troll turns up.

Personally, it ticked all of my boxes and confirmed that my quest to pay off my mortgage was the right way to go.

26 Feb 2015

mortgage free

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we have 77,000 mortgage after buying our council house just over a year ago. although we pay 493.00 on this a month, we are saving 1000.00 in a separate account ready to add to the mortgage when our 2 year fixed rate is up in december 06.

we brought the house for 95,000 (had an 18,000 deposit saved) with the council discount. house valued at 179,000 now