09 Mar 2015


A question about : Alchemausterity

I was thinking a new diary might be in order.

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09 Mar 2015

The dream is within reach!

A question about : The dream is within reach!

Hello everyone, I have been a supporter of Martin for some time now, basically consulting the website before we buy ANYTHING/make any financial choices. My husband and I have recently come across the MFW pages, and have made the decision that this is the path we wish to follow, as we feel it will open so many doors, relieve a lot of pressure and generally enable us to enjoy life a lot more rather than working too many hours to mention, which is our current situation.
So, a bit of background info on pumpkinpies....

09 Mar 2015

Forever home fund (Take 2)

A question about : Forever home fund (Take 2)

my little targets/challenges by 1/1/15

make Ј10 a day Ј129/Ј1280
No Spend Days 0/128
Weekly spend challenge

hi im opto-mum
ive had a diary before (i think) but got abit well lost? but my head is now screwed firmly back on. and well we have a small amount of debt left to pay off and then its saving every spare penny so one day we can buy a forever home for our little family

me and my partner are in our 20's we have 2 kids and a kitten

09 Mar 2015

Mortgage Free But Really Unhappy

A question about : Mortgage Free But Really Unhappy

Hi Folks,

i'm 37 years old and achieved mortgage free status 4 years ago (although I didn't formally pay the mortgage off as I could achieve better savings rates than my mortgage.)

I have also found a good home for subsequent savings by buying several BTL properties over the last 2 years. I have been able to do these things msainly due to making large sacrifices in my family life by working in a tough (but well-paid) job following redundancy a week prior to my daughter being born.