09 Mar 2015

Diary Mortgage Free Road To Change My Life

A question about : Diary Mortgage Free Road To Change My Life

Hi guys thought id keep a Diary ON my road to mortgage freedom :] which is my dream title=Big

Bit about me
27 years old self employed have been now 2-3 years variable income
Got son whos 4 now and live with family at the moment

Facts and Figures
House value 88.5k
Deposit is 25% at Ј22125
Leaving a mortgage of around 68k At month payments of Ј450 at 6.4% interest fixed for 2 years due to defaults ect which are settled

09 Mar 2015

Only freedom will do

A question about : Only freedom will do

It has come to my attention that I have been here for a very long time title=Smile

I joined these forums in a dim and distant past, where money was my enemy and the weight of my student debts left me crushed and panicked, unable to picture a future where I would be able to get a debit card (never mind a mortgage).

09 Mar 2015

Any single mortgage free wannabes?

A question about : Any single mortgage free wannabes?

Hi there

I know that it shouldn't make any difference and I have been reading a few of your diaries and picking up hints and tips but I was wondering if any of you were single with no kids?

Would be nice to see how you are coping with only one wage coming in and no one else to rely on. It would be good to follow those I can relate to and have something in common with.

09 Mar 2015

This Time I'm Really Going To Do It

A question about : This Time I'm Really Going To Do It

I've loved this little bit of the forum and over the years have often stopped by for a bit of motivation. And from time to time have even made moves to become mortgage free, making an overpayment here, and thinking about it and even once setting a date (12/12/12) when there was a great thread here about that.

And then poooffff ... I make a start and it all fades away. title=Frown